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3. Dezember 2007

WELLNESS-HOTELS-DEUTSCHLAND (W-H-D) is the leading German quality and marketing network in the wellness sector. Currently the affiliation comprises fifty quality-tested wellness hotels in the four to five star bracket, most of them owner-operated.

The binding criteria of quality first elaborated at the foundation in 1997 have been a determining influence on the development of wellness hotels in Germany and continue to point the way ahead today. Amongst the pundits the pioneering work achieved in the field has earned high esteem. Thus the largest German hotel associations, DEHOGA and IHA, adopted the fundamental principles of the W-H-D quality criteria as a national standard for the official definition of a wellness hotel.

Every hotel in the Group is selected according to a comprehensive catalogue of strict individual criteria (details at geprüfte Qualität). The member hotels are bound by contract to refine this quality continually, with extensive employee training and further vocational courses that place the emphasis on the wellness field, to name just one of several measures.

Oriented on international standards, W-H-D’s all-round quality management system is augmented by external, independent inspections carried out regularly by specifically trained inspectors from the “TÜV Rheinland Group”, Germanys leading authority for quality standards.

Fifty German-speaking hotels have satisfied the criteria for the much-sought brand to date. All of them meet the minimum standards requirement, i.e.

•    Design, comfort and hospitality:
      All WELLNESS-HOTELS-DEUTSCHLAND belong to the four-to-five star range, the highest quality           marks that the ‘Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband’ (the German Hotels and Restaurants       Association) can award. And all make hospitality a prime consideration.

•    Quiet locations close to nature:
      Two must-haves: night-time peace and the chance to enjoy nature. All our hotels lie in quiet             locations close to nature – in or by a park, by a lake or by the sea.

•    Environmentally aware management:
      Members adhere to a package of acknowledged environmental measures for the hotel trade.

•    No-smoking zones:
      Non-smokers can spend time on the premises undisturbed by tobacco smoke. There is a quota of       no-smoking rooms and at least one no-smoking restaurant

•    Vitality cuisine:
      There are wholefood and vegetarian options at all mealtimes. The kitchen staff have dietetic           training. The aim is a healthy gourmet cuisine at a high level of culinary art.

•     Wellness & Spa Zone:
       Comprises a spaciously designed, attractive pool area (pool, sauna, etc.), exercise areas with,        for example, exercise apparatus, a relaxation area with comfortable amenities for resting, and        a zone for body-care with facilities for beauty treatment, massage, etc., all under trained,                expert  supervision.

•     Wellness Trainers:
       The hotels employ at least one qualified member of staff with certified training in a health                and/or body-care profession. The contract stipulates regular further training in practice and            theory. Great store is laid in sincerity and humanity in customer coaching and support.

•    Activities and Events programme:
      For interested guests, there is a programme of activities such as walks, excursions and visits to       cultural sites and events.

•    The pledge of quality assurance:
      Member hotels are under contract to assure and further develop wellness qualities to a high               standard. Failure to comply with this pledge terminates the hotel’s membership.

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Die Kooperation der Wellness-Hotels & Resorts (W-H-R) ist die erste Adresse für Wellness-Erlebnisse und steht seit zwölf Jahren an der Spitze der deutschsprachigen Wellness-Hotellerie. Mittlerweile gehören ihr neben den ersten Pionieren sorgfältig ausgewählte, meist inhabergeführte deutsche Wellness-Hotels sowie internationale Partner im 4- und 5-Sterne-Bereich an. Unabhängige TÜV-Experten testen die Hotels unter anderem unter den Aspekten Großzügigkeit, Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit des SPA-Bereichs. Ein umfangreicher Katalog von Wellness-Hotels & Resorts kann online unter und telefonisch unter +49.(0)211.679 69 69 bestellt werden.

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