Wellnesshotels in Nederland blijven achter bij andere Landen - Autor: Hans Schmeinck

Directeur Michael Altewischer van de in Duitsland gevestigde koepelorganisatie Wellness Hotels heeft geen hoge pet op van de wellnesshotels in Nederland. Er is volgens hem in ons land maar één hotel dat zich zo mag noemen.

29. Juli 2011 Misset Horec






Wellness Hotels in the Netherlands stay behind by other countries

Director Michael Altewischer of the German branch organization of Wellness Hotels is

not very much impressed with the Wellness Hotels in the Netherlands. According to

him there is only one hotel in the Netherlands that can be mentioned as

Wellness Hote.


Misset Horec



Michael Altewischer was recently on a press-meeting at the Koetshuis in Amsterdam. He is director of the Wellness Hotels Germany and Wellness Hotels international. A branch organization of 50 luxury Wellness Hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. To be recognize by the logo of a two trees with coloured balls. Wellness is a trend that started some years ago and is still growing. Very nice for the corporation you should say but Altewischer is not amused by the fact that the word Wellness is used at random and definitely in the Netherlands. Also the food which is served in the so called 'wellness centre' does not have much of his sympathy. That was also the example of the organization of the press meeting (Baltus Communications from Den Haag) the 'fat snack food' of a large well known wellness centre on the Veluwe.


What is your definition of wellness?

The understanding is an all over lifestyle, from body, spirit and soul which influence each other positive. Health that gives pleasure.


How is that used by the hotels who are member of your corporation?

We have one claim: We would like to fulfil the individual wishes of our guests and help them with the inspiration of a healthy lifestyle, this keeps on developing and shall lead to personal I excellence. Our members guarantee 4 or 5 star level, location in nature, high level hospitality and a tailor made approach for the wellness guest. A wide range of wellness facilities, saunas, beauty centre. Sports and recreational facilities. Further cultural activities. High qualified and friendly staff of all hotelservices. A kitchen that serves high level of healthy good food. Environmental friendly and a contract that regular check up’s are done to maintain the high quality level. We have a list of criteria for the standard of WH/.


Are these criteria also for the Netherlands?

In general all these criteria count for every country.


I asked these question because within your organization there is only one member in the Netherlands, but there are many more hotels in the Netherlands with wellness facilities?

In the Netherlands we only got to know Bad Fontana Nieuweschans as official

wellness hotel.


How should a wellness hotel presents itself according to you?

As soon as a hotel names itself Wellness Hotel, the wellness guest anno 2011 expects a certain criteria/standard. If the wellness guest wants to have certain standards if he or she is not sure he or she should call and ask some questions about it. Then the guest understands fast enough if the hotel can offer what he or she wants.


What kind of plans do you have in the future for Wellness Hotels Deutschland and Wellness Hotels lnternational?

We would like to grow in quantity, but not necessarily, quality is more important for us. We have 50 partner hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in the Netherlands. We build up a very nice portfolio.  The current strategy is two brands but we will focus in the future on one brand Wellness Hotels lnternational.



The corporation established in 1997 founded under the name of Wellness Hotels Deutschland (see www.w-h-d.de) Most hotels are in Germany, but the last years also other countries . In the Netherlands that is only Fontana Bad Nieuweschans. You can recognize the corporation by the logo of the wellness tree. All hotels measure the criteria set by WHD. Yearly the member hotels are checked by TÜV Rheinland an independent international agency.

Geprüfte Wellness-Qualität: 1997 wurden die Wellness-Hotels & Resorts in Deutschland - unter dem Zeichen des Wellness-Baums - gegründet. Zu diesem Anlass wurden erstmals Qualitätskriterien für Wellness-Hotels definiert und seitdem kontinuierlich verbessert und weiterentwickelt. 2005 machen DEHOGA* und IHA** die Grundzüge dieser Qualitätskriterien zum Maßstab für die offizielle Definition eines Wellness-Hotels: eindrucksvolle Anerkennung der Fachwelt für die von unseren Hotels geleistete Pionierarbeit.

* Deutscher Hotel und Gaststättenverband

** Hotelverband Deutschland