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Wellness-Trends 2020

Relaxation and Mindfulness

Berlin, March 4th, 2020: The Wellness boom does not stop and never before have hoteliers' forecasts for the future been so full of expectation. The Wellness-Trends survey 2020 was carried out by beauty24 and Wellness-Hotels & Resorts between the end of December 2019, and the beginning of February 2020. Information was collected from 3,000 Germans who had an interest in wellness, and 139 wellness hoteliers. The Wellness-Trends 2020 confirm: As an enormously popular travel segment, wellness has become a basic offer. Wellness with impact has not only arrived in the minds of many guests, but is also firmly anchored in their minds, making stays longer and investments higher. But: The demands on relaxation in a wellness hotel have never been more varied. Relaxation is the most important aspect in the wellness area, but people relax in very different ways. In addition, Digital Detox plays a decisive role in the spa area. Nature and mindful experiences are more important than ever, wellness holidays and family are no longer a contradiction and more money is gladly spent on high quality.

Relaxation is essential! But each in his own way

Relaxation is a must-have. In a fast and noisy world, it is extremely important for wellness guests to be able to switch off during their wellness holidays. Nearly 80 % stated that relaxation is the most important part of their wellness stay. "We see that it is a kind of "Relaxation 2.0". This is about more than classics such as massage, sauna and beauty. In addition to the "all-round carefree package" there are varied individual needs in the answers of the guests surveyed", explains Roland Fricke, CEO of beauty24. Men relax differently than women, young people differently than the older generations. More than a third of men calm down very well through sports, more than half of all women surveyed like to reach for a book. The young target group up to 29 can also relax through sports, but they attach particular importance to good sleep in order to be able to relax optimally. The older generations, on the other hand, read and prefer excursions into nature. The results show: The needs of the wellness guests are different, which is a challenge for wellness hoteliers.

Digital Detox and Wellness

Digital Detox is an almost natural part of the urgently desired relaxation. Nearly 80 % of those surveyed stated that they did not want to use any mobile devices during recovery. This incidentally solves a central problem of the modern wellness hotel industry, namely the question: "How should I deal with mobile devices in my spa area?”. Many hoteliers, just like their guests, are reluctant to see smartphones and the like being taken into the spa area. Not at least because of the camera function. However, the Wellness-Trends for 2020 show that young and old as well as male and female guests even want to take a break from the digital world in order to relax. Ideally, therefore no spa rules need to be established for this - on the contrary: it regulates itself.

Environmental movement in the wellness world

The social trend towards a mindful and environmentally conscious lifestyle can also be seen in the Wellness-Trends 2020. Experiencing nature is enjoying great popularity, whether for relaxation or for being active. A stay in the great outdoors is desired by wellness guests. This also opens up opportunities for hoteliers to create a wide range of outdoor activities and offer them to their guests. In addition, guests are also paying more and more attention to the ecological aspect of nutrition. For example, 80 % stated that they explicitly pay attention to the "regional & fair" seal of approval during their wellness stay. About 50 % consider organic certification important and over 40 % pay attention to fair-trade products. This shows: The guests of today do not accept what they are served uncritically. Moreover, wellness no longer takes place only in the spa. More than 65% of those surveyed thinks that nutrition directly supports the wellness lifestyle. The interest in a high-quality dining experience in wellness hotels is particularly striking among the target group up to 29. More than one in three people in this target group would like to receive offers of cooking courses and nutritional advice during their stay. They want to know what they eat, where it comes from, what is good for them and how they can prepare and enjoy it at home after their holiday.

Wellness with family? Right on trend!

What was hardly imaginable for decades has become a matter of course in 2020: Wellness holidays with the family. Hoteliers stated that in 2019 families accounted for 17.3% of the total number of guests. That is an increase of almost 4 % compared to the previous year. On the other hand, single travelers accounted for only 15.7 %, putting them behind the families for the first time in 2019. "This development presents completely new challenges, but also great opportunities for hoteliers. Offerings such as extensive childcare have to balance family fun with rest periods for applications or relaxation. If the hotel solves this well, it will win loyal and wealthy guests by families.", says Michael Altewischer, CEO of Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. Holidays with loved ones are thus increasingly finding their place in wellness hotels.

Quality can cost

In recent years, the wellness industry has had to struggle with a low willingness to pay, especially in the area of additional services. However, the Wellness-Trends 2020 show a high willingness on the part of guests to invest in additional services - if the offer is good. For example, more than 50 % of those surveyed stated that they would be willing to pay for supervised outdoor activities, be it a guided hike or the hire of an e-bike. In general, wellness guests are prepared to spend more on a short holiday than on comparable other hotel stays without wellness offers. Why? - Because they expect wellness with impact. So, if the offer is good and the guest notices that he is being helped, that solutions to his problems are being developed for the long term, then this quality may cost.


We'll see: Relaxation is the focus and the nature trend continues. In the future, families will become an increasingly important target group for wellness hotels and high-quality services will be paid accordingly. This year's trends clearly reflect the four aspects of wellness: relaxation, nutrition, exercise and social & emotional support. Relaxation is currently the most important aspect and shows that wellness is a time-out for body and soul, which, by the way, is often experienced without the smartphone.

Nutrition plays an important supporting role and the preoccupation with cooking and food science is growing, which proves the demand for cooking courses and nutritional advice. Exercise is still popular and is even used specifically for relaxation, especially by men. Social & emotional support is found in the declining proportion of people travelling alone. Most wellness guests travel in company. With their partner, friends or, increasingly, with family.

Wellness 2020 - This means a balanced interaction of the four aspect for a Wellness lifestyle as well as health that is fun.

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