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25 February 2013
Quality seminars to improve lifestyle

The hotel cooperation Wellness-Hotels & Resorts extends its range of activity camps. Combine quality seminars to kick start a change in lifestyle habits with a high-quality wellness holiday. Currently on offer are Activity Camps with a focus on running, work-life balance and yoga. More seminars are in the planning process.

An increasing number of people would like to actively plan their leisure time simultaneously with creating measures to combat stress and tension. A study from the institute of leisure industry “The health tourism of Germans until 2020” shows that every other person would like to be active whilst on holiday and to do something about their health by learning several forms of exercise which are individually tailored to their needs. 

This is where the Wellness-Hotels & Resorts’ Activity Camps are relevant. Under professional guidance, guests can learn how to change lifestyle habits in combination with a premium wellness holiday in a variety of hotels:

  • Running Camps – Training is given on running techniques along with advice on enjoying movement on the basis of a comprehensive performance diagnostic.
  • Balance Camps – These are led by personality coaches in individual or group sessions to help find a healthy life balance.
  • Yoga Camps – These focus on the thousand year old philosophy which focuses on tension and relaxation. 

All of these seminars can be booked without having had any previous background knowledge because all activities are individually tailored and are suitable for both beginners as well as advanced guests.

The current seminars can be found on:


More information on the variety of Activity Camps:

Running Camps

The Running Camps offer guests an activity holiday with professional coaches who offer training in running techniques to enjoy running fully whilst considering the individual requirements. Training begins with a comprehensive performance diagnostic. Most of the hotels use the aeroscan®. This tool can give exact measurements for oxygen absorption, carbon dioxide release and fat burning within minutes. On the basis of these results, an accurate heart rate is identified and a personal training schedule can be created based on the individual’s requirements. The Running Camp group aims to motivate, help overcome any personal weakness and gives various focal points to aim for. “Listen to your heartbeat” is an introduction into the heartbeat control and “No boredom” gives alternative running methods like interval training. Thanks to the classification of several running levels, the running camp is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced runners.

All participating hotels offer an ideal running location in natural surroundings as well as a spacious wellness area to enjoy special spa treatments to relax feet and legs after a running session. The Running Camps are an ideal opportunity to create change and to introduce more activity into daily life with professional support.

Balance camps

In the Wellness-Hotels & Resorts’ Balance Camps, participants can learn how to switch off from daily life and force a change in their lives. Individual talks, group coaching, workshops and lectures help individuals to succeed in their personal goals. Communicating with other people helps to identify new perspectives and to look on life challenges from a different angle. The personality coaching is integrated well into the holiday, so it doesn’t feel exhausting or disturb any sense of calmness. Instead it provides opportunities to induce change which help you become more balanced, satisfied and happier.

The Balance Camps work with experienced personality coaches who cater for guests’ needs. At the same time the programme is tailored around the special hotel facilities and its spa treatments as well as the sport and relaxation range.

Yoga Camps

These concentrate on the thousand year old philosophy which focuses on tension and relaxation. During daily yoga sessions, qualified yoga instructors teach guests how to practice physical exercises (Asanas) as well as breathing and meditation methods. Through the combination of breathing techniques and posture, yoga relaxes the mind, improves physical fitness and reduces the feeling of stress. In addition the teachers give background information about the yoga philosophy which helps participants to continue to practise yoga in their own home environment. Mindfulness training in natural surroundings, like a slow movement walk stimulates the senses and ayurvedic nutrition and massages complete the package.

The wellness atmosphere of the wellness hotels, the professional treatments, wonderful spa zones, relaxation methods, the activities, the wellness cuisine, as well as the seminars, all contribute to a relaxed and calm holiday and give guests the desire to change their lives.

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