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Finden Sie ganz einfach passende Angebote in unseren ausgewählten Wellness-Hotels. Nutzen Sie die Eingabe und lassen sich inspirieren.

Balance camps for body, spirit and soul

Standing on top of a mountain, enjoying the view, reflecting on life while simultaneously figuring out how to improve. That's what you can experience at a balance camp at the Wellness-Hotels & Resorts.
Activating treatments, diverse sports offers and the wellness-vital kitchen will allow your body, spirit and soul to find their balance again. Forget about your everyday stress, regain new strength and let go for a little while.

Redefining work-life-balance

Our hotels work with professional personal coaches, who are taking individually care of your needs. Individual conversations, workshops and speeches will help you to clearly define your wishes and goals for the future while broadening your perspective. The personal coaching sessions are integrated in way, that it will not be experienced as exhausting or stirring. It is rather an opportunity to illustrate impulses, which will eventually help you to become more balanced, more content and happier

Wellness Lexikon


Mindfulness means living in the moment and perceiving impressions with all senses without valuating them.

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Aromatherapy is a treatment using essential oils for therapeutic reasons. 

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Based on the natural vibration rhythm of humans, the Viennese beautician Prof. Anne Seidel (1900-1997) developed a movement theory for natural posture around 1940, ...

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Progressive muscle relaxation after Jacobson

The progressive muscle relaxation after Jacobson (PMR) is a technique to release muscle tension. T

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