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Summer Spas in Mecklenburg: Discover Germany's Lake District

Long beloved of writers and artists, the Lake District is known for its stunning beauty and ability to revitalise the mind and body. Likewise, the region frequently described as the Lake District of Germany, Mecklenburg, offers visitors some of Europe's most spectacular scenery, and promises the same sense of renewal. With the region's seemingly endless horizons and ample opportunities for outdoor pursuits, summers in Mecklenburg offer a paradise setting for those seeking an active yet reinvigorating break.

Outdoor summer activities in Mecklenburg

Situated on the banks of the Tollense Lake, the Hotel Bornmühle provides visitors with the perfect base from which to explore the region. Its peaceful location away from nearby Neubrandenburg offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and allows for an impressive array of outdoor activities from Nordic walking to cycling. Golf enthusiasts will find themselves similarly well catered for, with all guests receiving access to the hotel's own nine hole course.

Promoting Wellness

What really makes the Hotel Bornmühle stand out, however, is its unique high altitude training centre. The first centre of its kind in any European hotel, guests will be treated to a unique experience in health and energy revitalisation. A wide variety of training options are available, all devised and supervised by the hotel's resident team of certified sports scientists, ensuring that plans are available to suit all needs. In addition to the comprehensive range of wellness programmes on offer, the hotel's luxuriant restaurant offers a variety of freshly prepared, locally sourced fish and venison specialties, as well as tailored diet plans including sumptuous vegetarian and whole food options, so guests can be assured of a full body overhaul, inside and out. With so many opportunities to relax and rejuvenate, visitors can be assured that with a trip to Germany's Lake District this summer, Mecklenburg will more than live up to its namesake.

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