Engel Obertal Wellness & Genuss Resort *****


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Enjoying yourself throughout in the clean forest air...

Guests staying at the five star hotel Engel Obertal are especially pleased with the friendly service that pays careful attention to every need. True to the motto "enjoy yourself throughout" this renowned wellness hotel combines the therapeutic benefit of its location at an altitude within the Black Forest with excellent healthy cuisine, comfortable rooms and a family atmosphere provided by the Möhrle family and their employees. The spacious spa facilities are known simply – and with good reason – as "Wolke 7", "cloud number nine". The year round, the pools bubble with sea salt enriched water at comfortable temperatures. Water beds and grottos offer cosy shelter, and there is also a high quality beauty and massage programme available on the "cloud".


Not only the spa is close to heaven: There is a heavenly view from the many nature trails through the Baiersbronner Wald forest, where rest houses on the way also offer food and drink. For even more things to enjoy, this exclusive holiday hotel offers guests an active sports and relaxation programme. And if you should feel the sudden urge for urban conditions: Baden-Baden is not far away. Mealtimes however are best spent in the area, as the house is famous for good cooking and offers not only fine healthy food but regional dishes from Baden and Suebia, prepared with ingredients from its direct surroundings.


First class spa hotel with a stylish, warm atmosphere, excellent cuisine and an extremely spacious, high quality spa area.

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Engel Obertal Wellness & Genuss Resort *****
Baiersbronn-Obertal Nordschwarzwald

Rechtmurgstraße 28
72270 Baiersbronn-Obertal