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we have developed 3- and 5-day packages - you choose your favorite hotel!  

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Up to four hotels at the same time for your booking request!!

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Why not give a wellness experience? Treat someone to something really special   

Business partnership

Please contact us if you are interested in cooperating with Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. 


So far we have carried out activities like media cooperations, fair presentations, promotional competitions, presentations at POS, product samplings, special company arrangements with small as well as international companies.

Wellness-Hotels vouchers:

Wellness-Hotels vouchers can be redeemed in all member hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in the Netherlands. Vouchers can be used for companies' individual acitivities and joint promotions or be customised for individuals.

Contact for cross-marketing activities and for ordering Wellness-Hotel vouchers is: Alexandra Sayn-Wittgenstein

Insertion in our annual catalogue / 12-month-marketing-partnership

Business partners, who insert in the catalogue, can participate in a wide range of marketing-activities, which are offered by the Wellness-Hotels & Resorts for a period of one year.

Your contact for insertions in the catalogue is: Eva Blomenkamp


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