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we have developed 3- and 5-day packages - you choose your favorite hotel!  

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Detoxing - an energy kick for health and happiness

It is an amazing fact that when we are fasting  - or doing a detoxing cure - we are more powerful and happier. Our body reacts to a lack of solid food causing our fasting metabolism to kick in. When activated the liver gains energy from the fat cells, resulting in a lower sugar and cholesterol level as well as lowering blood pressure, which leads to a light, fresh and happy feeling. Wellness-Hotels & Resorts has developed specific fasting packages, including expert medical advice, as well as detoxifying massages, wraps and baths.

Detoxing cures are for example:

Wellness hotels, where you can experience detoxing cures are for example: 




Schüle's Gesundheitsresort & Spa

ex 960.00 EUR  per Person
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