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we have developed 3- and 5-day packages - you choose your favorite hotel!  

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Detoxing - an energy kick for health and happiness

It is an amazing fact that when we are fasting  - or doing a detoxing cure - we are more powerful and happier. Our body reacts to a lack of solid food causing our fasting metabolism to kick in. When activated the liver gains energy from the fat cells, resulting in a lower sugar and cholesterol level as well as lowering blood pressure, which leads to a light, fresh and happy feeling. Wellness-Hotels & Resorts has developed specific fasting packages, including expert medical advice, as well as detoxifying massages, wraps and baths.

Detoxing cures are for example:

Wellness hotels, where you can experience detoxing cures are for example: 




Schüle's Gesundheitsresort & Spa

ex 920.00 EUR  per Person
Glossary Wellness


Pilates trains the core muscles, which helps to sooth back pain, tones the legs, abdomen and bottom as well as improving the posture. 

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