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Organic Spas in the Black Forest: Detox with an Alpine View

Wellnesshotel Alpenblick is known to be a haven for wellness seekers. Located in the southern Black Forest, in the region known as the "border triangle" between Germany, Switzerland and France, the hotel and spa is a robust and amiable place where many come to detox and take advantage of the site's closeness to nature. The nearby village of Höchenschwand is known as "the village at heaven's door" for its proximity to forests, meadows, and rushing mountain streams.

Spas in the Black Forest: Activities and Excursions

For those wishing to explore, the area lends itself well to hiking, biking, and mountain climbing: the Feldberg, Germany's highest mountain outside of the Alps, is not far away, and available year-round for hiking and skiing. Those more interested in wine and wine-production will be pleased to hear that Markgräflerland, known for its abundant vinyards and unique grapes, is not far away. Tours of vinyards and plenty of wine tastings are available. This spa in the Black Forest also offers many opportunities for enjoyment on its own grounds.

On-location Detox Treatments

Wellnesshotel Alpenblick offers the holistic Acidosana base treatment to its guests. This treatment combines healthy nutrition, hearty exercise and positive thinking to achieve deacidification in the body: essentially draining the body of all negative toxins. Salt and water constitute the wellness area of this spa in the Black Forest: the salt oasis is filled with warmed Himalayan salt slabs and projects health and serenity. Salt also features in the meals provided. Guests at the spa are offered a choice of healthy options, including those suited to vegan and gluten-free diets. The combination of healthy, nutritious food, a proximity to nature, and the benefits of a holistic care regime make this spa in the Black Forest the perfect place to settle the mind and soothe the spirit.

Relaxation purely

Bio- und Wellnesshotel Alpenblick

Relaxation purely
ex 367.00 EUR  per Person
spa break: my wellness time (3 days)

Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf

spa break: my wellness time (3 days)
ex 269.00 EUR  per Person
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