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Nordic Walking on the Beaches of Germany: Active Spa Holidays for the Over 50s

Whether on the Baltic Sea, in the rolling hills of the Black Forest, or in the Bavarian alps, Nordic Walking is a Germany-wide sporting phenomenon that is hard to ignore. Considered to be a more intense aerobic activity than plain walking, Nordic Walking also stimulates muscles in the core, arms, and upper body due to the use of walking poles. The sport is therefore said to promote strength and endurance in these areas, as well as to relieve the hips, knees, and ankle joints of the weight that regular walking causes the body to bear - thereby making the sport particularly suitable for the over 50s.

Nordic Walking on the Beaches of Germany: More Than Just a Sport

So why do so many people choose to go Nordic Walking on the beaches of Germany - and why should you? Perhaps to revel in the romantic ambience of the Baltic Sea's windswept beaches, or the painterly, wicker-chair-strewn bays of the North Sea coast? Or perhaps visitors are drawn back, year after year, to the pure, unpolluted sea air, the picturesque Hanseatic fishing villages, or the many charming resorts and spa hotels lining Germany's coasts? For whatever reason you choose to go Nordic Walking on the beaches of Germany, you will find that you are certainly catered for - be it in the form of guided walking tours, Nordic Walking groups, courses, or rental services. What's more are Germany's coastlines and islands riddled with a vast network of pathways and boardwalks perfectly suited to the walker. So whether you choose to go to historic and naturally diverse Rugen, to the Darss peninsula with its unique coastal fauna, or to the charming Frisian Islands with the Wadden Sea's infinite tidal flats, you are sure to discover that Nordic Walking on the beaches of Germany is far more than just a sport.

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Wellness with La mer
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