Felke therapy

clay-bathing with a holistic approach

The Felke method is a holistic approach, which was developed by the pastor Emanuell Felke, building up on the natural product clay. The aim of the Felke therapy is to regulate the functions of the body and to activate self-healing powers. In the Felke therapy the natural elements of light, air, water and earth are combined with physical activities and healthy nutrition. True to the motto: Better safe than sorry, the Felke therapy pays attention to an overall healthy lifestyle. A Felke cure in a wellness hotel therefore can be the perfect start for a new, healthier lifestyle as well as a nice timeout from everyday life.

The history of the pastor Emanuel Felke

Emanuell Felke lived from 1856 to 1926 and back then was known as 'clay pastor'. Very early he recognized the healing power of clay and combined his findings with the treatments of Kneipp, Paracelsus and further well-known personalities. The result is a holistic therapy approach aiming at activating the self-healing power of the body and to strengthen the immune system of patients.

Wellness according to Felke

Clay has a pleasant effect on the body, as it reduces harmful substances and gives the body valuable minerals. When used more often, clay stimulates the blood circulation and even the metabolism. Clay has such positive effects on the body as clay minerals bind substances and exchange loose minerals.

Felke cures in a wellness hotel

Guests in wellness hotels can get to know the Felke therapy in form of various treatments. You can try for example mudpacks. Here, the blood circulation of the treated area is stimulated. Either warm or cold mudpacks can be used therefore. Especially known are mud baths, which are an essential part of every Felke cure. The temperature of such a bath is about 29°C and legs, lower body and lower arms are covered with clay. The alkaline clay revives the body, as blood vessels contract and blood withdraws to the internal organs.
  • Physical activities: To every Felke therapy belong various outside activities like hiking or biking. The aim is to stimulate the circulatory. The focus lays primarily on activating the immune system but also relaxation methods like yoga, pilates and QiGong are part of the cure.
  • Nutrition: For optimal results, vegetarian food or fasting cures are often suggested. Guests usually don't eat gluten or dairy products while doing the Felke cure. This gives the bowel time to recover and to detox.