ITB Experts Forum Wellness 2015

03 February 2015

ITB Experts Forum Wellness 2015

Date: March 5, 2015

Time: 10:30 - 17:15

Location: ITB Berlin, Hall 7.1c, Auditorium Paris


10:30 - 10:35 Forum Opens

Speaker: Michael Altewischer, Managing Partner, Wellness-Hotels & Resorts

10:40 - 11:05 How Wellness Has Changed Travel: Airlines, Airports And Lodging

Camille Hoheb explains how wellness has changed the way people travel and how savvy insiders have responded. Topics include:

  • How consumer demand for better, healthier and less stressful travel has changed design, products and services in air transit and lodging.
  • How hotels are catering to healthy lifestyles for leisure and business guests.
  • How airports are creating “terminal bliss” and becoming destinations themselves.

Specific example of wellness in the travel cycle including pre-boarding, inflight, on-property and online will be discussed and the role of wellness in boosting brand equity.

Speaker: Camille Hoheb, M.S. Healthcare Administration, Founder, Managing Director, Editor, Wellness Tourism Worldwide

11:10 - 11:50 Keynote: Inspiring Spa Guest 2020 - High Tech - High Touch

Most businesses face the challenge of increased competition in attracting and retaining clients. Whether high finance or the service industry, the need to innovate and to be one step ahead of the pack will continue to be a key factor in deciding the winners and the losers. Outside the top resorts and hotel brands, the spa industry remains fragmented and has relatively modest amounts of capital available. The consequences of misreading the market can be terminal to a business. Understanding client expectations and how to generate loyalty is core to inspiring a new generation of spa and wellness clients. This presentation discusses issues that spa professionals should consider and prepare for in growing their business into the next decade.

Speaker: Neil Orvey, Managing Director, Asia Spa and Wellness Limited

11:55 - 12:25 Thalasso - Traditional European Medicine (TEM)

Norderney: the island for thalassotherapy But what does the term ´thalassotherapy´ actually mean?  The word itself derives from the Greek word thalassa, meaning ´sea´. Therapy refers to ´treatment´ and ´care´. On the island of Norderney they use the positive effects of seawater, seaweed, mud, sand and the bracing climate of the North Sea to improve the health of their visitors. It´s not a new „wellness-method“, in fact it is believed to have originated from an ancient form of naturopathic treatment. In essence, thalassotherapy involves exploiting the sea´s therapeutic healthcare benefits, and ... it want to bring you closer to the natural elements of the sea.

Speaker: Wilhelm Loth, Managing Director, Norderney Tourismus

12:30 - 13:10 Spa And Wellness - Where Does It Go From Here?

The hotel industry has been a major driver in the growth of spas, to the point where practically every hotel has one. Is this sustainable or even required given customer feedback on quality and service levels? The days of the “cookie-cutter” approach of hotel spas are numbered.

It is time to re-imagine the place for Wellness – a 360° vision.

We need a more tailored approach to address the differing markets and guest expectations – from urban business hotels to leisure resorts, from premium to budget, but perhaps more pertinent, we also need to understand what is happening to Wellness outside the strict confines of the hotel environment - from your home to new Wellness cities.

Speaker: Jean-Paul Blisset, Managing Director, melt design hub ltd

13:10 - 13:40 Executive Business Psychology: Sales Effectivness In Spa

As any sector of industry reaches a stage of developmental maturity, it is expected that personnel are capable and competent. Staff are expected to understand the product or service, the regulations, competitive environment and USP they can offer. We must assume that our competitors have equally knowledgeable and skilled teams able to compete effectively for our clients business. The spa industry is no exception to this scenario where competition is rife and offerings largely commoditized. How then do we make our company, our product, our service stand out? The answer is increasingly to focus on soft skills, an investment in people which allows them to perform at a higher level of inter and intra personal skills. By understanding how psychology impact the individual, spa directors and owners can better equip their teams to achieve better personal performace and improve client relationships. This talk presents introductory concepts in the area of personal empowerment, persuasion psychology, and sales psychology which can assist any spa team in improving their work environment and spa revenues together.

Speaker: Neil Orvey, Managing Director, Asia Spa and Wellness Limited

13:45 - 14:10 Wellness And Spa: Destination South America

In her second presentation today, Camille Hoheb will provide a snapshot of the growing wellness tourism market in Latin America including Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Brazil. Examples will include branding, unique selling propositions and how wellness tourism is defined or understood so those entering or refining their offerings may benefit. This presentation includes examples of current wellness tourism products (tours, lodging and travel experiences food, eco, adventure, yoga, spiritual and spa tourism) along with opportunities and challenges.

Speaker: Camille Hoheb, M.S. Healthcare Administration, Founder, Managing Director, Editor, Wellness Tourism Worldwide

14:10 - 14:50 Best Practice: Kurotel - Medical Longevity Center And Spa - Gramado - BR

At Kurotel Longevity Medical Center and Spa, clients receive a comprehensive medical experience in the warmth of a family run resort setting. Using scientific data and preventive health approach to encourage lifestyle changes, Kurotel has been helping clients to achieve longer, happier and more meaningful lives for over 32 years. "Having a medical treatment in a resort setting is not just about effective results. Much more than this, it provides reliability in the treatment and ensures that what has been recommended for each client is precisely followed. Medical doctors are generally much more equipped to deal with complications that may arise. Plus, it is more comfortable for clients to know there is a doctor taking the decisions and not someone out of beauty school. In addition, it can be very pleasant receiving medical treatment care inside a relaxing spa setting.

Speaker: Rochele de Oliveira Silvera, Director Cosmetics Company, Kurotel Longevity Medical Center & Spa

14:55 - 15:35 Best Practice: Menschels Vital-Resort - Bad Sobernheim - DE (TEM)

Menschels Vitalresort is a bio- and medical wellness hotel in Bad Sobernheim, Germany. The family-managed resort was founded 1928 as a health spa business. Menschels Vitalresort offers the traditional and holistic natural healing therapy of Felke. The arrangements include a 100% certified ecological nutrition or a fasting therapy, a lifestyle coaching by the doctors team, physiotherapy, energy and wellness treatments.

Speaker: Dr. Matthias Menschel, Owner, Menschel Vital-Resort

15:35 - 16:10 Help Your Guest Thrive

Hotel brands around the world are jockeying for position within the growing Wellness market, introducing initiatives ranging from food, fitness and sleep offerings through to entirely new hotel concepts. What can you do to win a slice of this lucrative, growing and socially responsible industry? In this session, we introduce IHWA - a new association that has been formed with the purpose of helping you help your guests to THRIVE in today’s high stress, high performance society. Six key contributors to wellness are explored, with ideas for how to introduce these into your hotel and resort environment:

 T = thoughts, positive mindset

 H = healthy habits

 R = relaxation, rejuvenation

 I = inhale, breathwork

 V = vigour, movement, exercise

 E = healthy environment

Speakers: Samantha Foster, Director, Spasource Asia

16:15 - 16:35 Qualitymanagement: Certified Health And Wellbeeing Regions

Destinations all over Europe like to differentiate for example as a sports, hiking or health destination. With RegioSana Prof. Dr. Kai Illing has established a quality management certificate for these destinations. What is the purpose? Which opportunities does it offer to destinations?

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Kai Illing, RegioSana

16:40 - 17:05 Wellness Terms And Figures - An Up To Date Overview

It is necessary to get a feeling for our business. Since 2004 beauty24 and Wellness-Hotels & Resorts made research on both sides of our market: customers and hotel-owners gave an idea from their point of interest. Wibke Leder will update us on the latest research.

Speaker: Wibke Leder, Press officer, Wellness-Hotels & Resorts

17:05 - 17:15 ITB Wellness Forum: Summary And To do´s

Moderated by: Michael Altewischer, Managing Partner, Wellness-Hotels & Resorts

WELLNESS-HOTELS & RESORTS (W-H-R) is a cooperation of fifty hotels located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and Italy. It is the leading association for spa-experiences and since twelve years located on top of the german spa-hotel-industry. Meanwhile, next to the first pionieers, there are carefully selected, mostely owner-managed german spa-resorts and international partners in the four or five star-rated-segments. Independent TÜV-experts proof the spa-area of the hotels under the aspects of generosity, innovation and sustainability. A bulked catalogue of WELLNESS-HOTELS & RESORTS (in German) can be ordered at: and +49.(0)211.679 69 69.

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