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Doing good to your health with 'kneipping'

Have you already enjoyed an alternating shower this morning?
No? Well, admittedly, it’s really tough. Especially when you just woke up there are nicer things than cold showers. But for health purposes it’s really worth it. First warm, then cold water is very healthy for your immune system and vessels.

This type of showering was introduced by the Bavarian priest Kneipp.

While recovering from a TB disease, he discovered the healing effect and later passed his knowledge on to other diseased. The core effects of alternating showers are the strengthening of your veins, the positive effect on the blood circulation and the prevention of headaches.

But you don’t necessarily need to conduct the water casts at home;

‘kneippen’ is also very nice in nature. Especially on warm days in summer but also on cold winter days as walking in dew and snow is very good for your immune system ( Herefore, lawns are best suitable). Before going out in the cold make sure your body is covered in warm clothes. 3 to 5 minutes are perfect to get your circulation going and give you a fresh kick-off for the day. Another nice side effect of kneipping is that you are less likely to get headaches.
You got interested in the Kneipp method? Then you should visit one of our wellness hotels to learn more about this interesting topic and to experience the effects under professional supervision. Here, ‘schüle’s Gesundheitsresort’ and ‘Bad Clevers Gesundheitsresort & Spa’ are the perfect opportunity.
Be well and enjoy!

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