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Little ABC for your spa-break questions ...

In their treatment discriptions, wellness hotels often use technical terms, which are hard to understand for potential guests. We have therefore collected and defined the most relevant terms in our small wellness ABC. A tip: Our wellness dictionary also supports word requests. You don't need to know the exact wording.

Cardio Training

What is cardio training and which sports are suitable for it?

Cardio-training is a cardiovascular training and another term for endurance training. Through endurance sports that are carried out over a longer period of time, such as

  • Swimming,
  • Walking,
  • Cycling or
  • Running

pulse and heartbeat intensify, endurance improves, the cardiovascular system is strengthened and fat burning is stimulated. Cardio training can be done in the open air or in the gym on a treadmill or crosstrainer.

Is cardio training suitable for all ages?

Cardio-training is an important measure for people of all ages and training levels to stay healthy for as long as possible. Regular cardio training protects against diseases of civilisation, such as

  • Heart attack
  • Overweight and 
  • Diabetes.

As cardio training is not about training to the point of complete exhaustion, it is important to consult a doctor or sports physician about which endurance sport is best suited to achieve the desired training goal. Elderly people or people who are very overweight are often well advised to do walking, Nordic walking, cycling or aqua fitness, as these sports put less strain on the joints than running and jogging. Heart rate monitors can be helpful in preventing overexertion during exercise. Training sessions should also only be increased slowly to avoid sports injuries.

Can I lose weight with cardio training?

In addition to improved endurance performance, regular cardio training also contributes to fat burning. Cardio training for fat burning has a much lower training heart rate than cardio training for improving endurance. The rule of thumb is: the higher the training heart rate, the less fat is burned.

What positive effects does cardio training have on my health?

Regular cardio training has many positive effects on both physical and mental health. These include, for example:

  • increased lung capacity
  • the strengthening of the immune system
  • the reduction of cholesterol levels
  • a better memory and concentration .... or
  • an improvement in sleep, and 
  • the ability to regenerate.

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