Balance Camps in Wellness hotels – Life coaching for your personal development

Sometimes it is it right word, sometimes an image, sometimes an experience. Impulses from outside help us on our way of our personal development. So does life coaching. A professional coach with fundamental knowledge on psychology will help you to identify your strengths and reach your professional and private goals. In doing so, he accompanies you during your first steps and conveys orientation.
Together with like-minded people in group coachings, you will realize your first Stepps to a new life. Reflect your awarenesses on common hiking trips through beautiful nature, by asian relaxation methods like yoga, tai chi, meditations or relaxing treatments in the spa area. A healthy nutrition brings you new energy to continue your work on yourself. Before your way back home, you will define how to realise your personal goals at home.
Balance Camps at a glance

  • One-to-one talks
  • Daily group coaching
  • Outdoor hiking
  • Healthy cuisine
  • Yoga/meditation/relaxation
Participating hotels will follow soon.