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Moor mud and clay against inner tensions

In our today’s performance society people are under enormous pressure to always deliver best possible results. Constant availability and numerous obligations don’t make our life any easier. Too often we don’t take well-deserved breaks, which are absolutely necessary for our wellbeing. Many of us unfortunately notice too late that body and soul need a break and we risk burnouts.

Moor mud against inner tensions

In the ‘Parkhotel Bayersoien’ they introduced a preventive program against burnout. Considering external influences, the team works together with the guest on their psychosomatic burden.
Moreover the program contains 4 further components: Mud treatments, modern Mayr-medicine, diagnosis and fitness.
The mud treatment ‘Balance und Stärke’, which translated means balance and strength, is based on the Bad Bayersoier mud and was particularly developed for jeopardised guest, because of it´s density a floating effect arises, which lets the guest relax and calm down.

The power of clay bathes and cures

Also different partner hotels focus on the healing effects of soils. The ‘Menschel’s Vitalresort’ for example offers clay cures and developed a program, which is called ‘Zurück ins Leben gegen den Burnout’, which translated means fighting your way back into life after burnout. Here, cold clay baths are for example incorporated into to the program. Besides detoxing the body, the treatment also supports the blood circulation, which does good to body and soul.

Learning to relax in everyday life

With the help of preventing programs guests learn how to optimize their lifestyle and time management.