Reduce stress through mindfulness

04 March 2013
Learn mindfulness at the Wellness-Hotels & Resorts

An increasing number of people are suffering from permanent stress and their consequences. According to a recent survey conducted by the Forsa Institutes and commissioned by the German National Health insurance DAK, almost two-thirds (59%) of Germans are actively taking steps to avoid or reduce stress in 2013. Finding the time to relax in this age of multi – tasking and speed are rare. It is easy to see why the old, cultural technique of ‘mindfulness’, which is rooted in Buddhism, has become more and more popular. The mindfulness based stress reduction – MBSR – was invented by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s and is one of the most investigated meditation disciplines and is widely used in psychotherapy and coaching methods.

One reason for the popularity in stress reduction methods is the ease in which mindfulness training can fit into our everyday lives. The first step into a stress-free life is to take a break at one of the Wellness Hotels & Resorts and enjoy the relaxing and inspiring surroundings. Creating distance from daily life, along with the support of the trainers and coaches, it becomes easier to learn the techniques needed for stress reduction and mindfulness.

This mindfulness meditation aids the autopilot function of daily life to switch off and helps focus mindfulness on the here and now. What do I feel, taste, and smell? Where are my thoughts going? All this is being sensed without judging. Using this method, the automatic reaction is interrupted allowing us to react to situations differently through mindfulness. This helps us to become more relaxed in daily life and to deal with stressful situations. Additionally the Jon Kabat-Zinn method, which combines mindfulness and yoga exercises with meditation, has been proven to have a positive effect on the body. People who practise regularly have lowered their blood pressure, decreased the amount of stress hormones produced and strengthened their immune system.

Therefore, in 2013, the Wellness – Hotels & Resorts will focus on mindfulness. Michael Altewischer, managing director of the hotel cooperation explains, ‘Mindfulness is firmly established in the wellness topic. Having the ability to practise active relaxation and to be aware of your own body as well as improving physical fitness, gaining knowledge about healthy eating and increasing vitality are the key to wellness. Because an increasing number of people suffer from feeling constantly stressed, we are going to focus on this aspect of wellness over the next few months and hope to give interested guests an understanding of mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness is a source of power to gain energy when we feel stressed and tired.’

In addition to participating in mindfulness seminars, Wellness-Hotels & Resorts’ guests can also enjoy and experience individual mindfulness as well as gaining mindfulness for nature and the environment. The body’s mindfulness is activated by having baths, massages, saunas, practising yoga and participating in activity camps. During the process of taking slow walks and supported meditation, participants learn to concentrate on the present moment and switch off any worries they may have about their future as well as disconnecting any thoughts about the past. All our hotels wish to activate the senses and give the guests the desire for a healthier, enjoyable and successful life.


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