Embracing harmony and the rhythm of life –

19 January 2017
Wellness-Hotels & Resorts’ focus

Our natural rhythms are the foundation of life and are essential to feel balanced and healthy, as well as providing that all important structure to our lives. Our inner body clock is vital and it doesn’t take much to knock it off balance. “We try and alter our body’s natural rhythm to fit in with daily life, throwing us off balance,” explains Michael Altewischer, Managing Director of Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. It’s important to rediscover that equilibrium and Wellness-Hotels & Resorts supports their guests on this journey of self-discovery.

Chronobiology and the rhythm of life

We experience life’s rhythms every day, whether it’s from our heartbeat, the rhythm of day and night or from the usual weariness we get around spring time. We are able to influence some rhythms like choosing what time to go to bed, but your heartbeat, for instance, happens unconsciously. The scientific term for this is called chronobiology. It describes our individual rhythm of life, which is said to be genetically built in – kind of like an intuitive advisor telling us what is good for us.  Einstein, for example, was supposed to have had twelve hours’ sleep, whereas Napoleon could survive on only four. Everyone is different -  there is no hard and fast rule about what time we should be going to bed or even how long we should sleep for. It’s all about finding our own individual rhythm of life.

Ruled by everyday life

While animals intuitively follow their inner body clocks, humans are influenced by what society demands from us, making it near on impossible to follow our natural rhythms. Shift work, flexible working hours, needing to be constantly available, multitasking, self-optimisation and performance pressures all create a huge strain. Even though most of the time we are happy with this kind of busy lifestyle, eventually it will begin to take its toll on our health.  This sort of imbalance can often lead to sleeping problems, loss of appetite and gastrointestinal disorders.

Making time for time-out

The wellbeing of each individual is the focus of a wellness and spa holiday. It’s a space to discover just what the body needs and when. Being aware of the inner body clock is not only important during a stay at one of the hotels, it’s also essential that guests take away this new understanding and make it part of everyday life.  “Mindfulness and being aware of life’s individual rhythms should not only play an important role on courses and seminars or while discovering something new at a wellness hotel, it also needs to be integrated into daily life. Everyone needs to listen to their inner body clock every day and not just when there is time for it”, says Michael Altewischer. A wellness holiday really can be a perfect start to having a more mindful and balanced life.


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