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Spa Weekend in the Salzburg Countryside: Relaxation with an Alpine View

A spa weekend in the Austrian Alps is an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy natural diversity. The countryside surrounding Salzburg is blanketed with acres of pine trees, whilst the Attersee, Austria's largest inland lake, known to be an inspiration for Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, is just around the corner. These azure blue waters are home to several sites of historic interest, and can be crossed thanks to sailing, rowing and paddle boats that are available to hire.

Spa Weekends in the Austrian Alps: Outdoor Activities & Excursions

The idyllic alpine panorama begs the visitor to make the most of the many golf courses in the vicinity and on the grounds of the Austrian Alps' spa hotels, or to enjoy the enchanting natural habitats on foot or by bike. In the winter, walking, skiing and other snowsports are popular activities, with several ski resorts within travelling distance. Visitors looking to balance nature with culture can also make a daytrip to composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's home town, Salzburg, where one can meander around the city's baroque Altstadt (old town), take in the stunning views from the Hohensalzburg fortress, or visit one of its many sites of historical and cultural significance.

Relaxation at the Spa Hotel

To unwind after a day of activity, facilities including hot tubs, thermal spas, indoor pools, gyms, saunas, jacuzzis, natural swimming ponds and many more are usually available at Austria's luxurious spa hotels. Spa weekends in the Austrian Alps can be tailored towards couples with mutual massages available, a ''snuggle room'' and romantic dinners. The hotel also caters to families, however, with in-house facilities for children over the age of four. With stunning natural diversity to explore in an immensely rich cultural area, a spa weekend in the Austrian alps is the perfect opportunity to top up on well-being.

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