Summer wellness: Spa treatments for hot days

When the days are long, hot and sunny many of us want to spend their leisure time in nature. Vacations to the beach or hiking tours are especially popular in summer. Wellness doesn't seem to be a big topic during summer, but why actually not?

Profiting from the sea in the spa area

The sea possesses many precious ingredients, which do good to our body and soul. Algae and sludge for example are the perfect ingredients to bring your body in shape. In the hotel 'ambassador hotel & spa' sludge from the regional beach is used to not only release tensions but also conjures a really soft skin. An alga peeling mixed with sea salt is the perfect skin exfoliation. It gives glow and new clamping force.
The hotel 'Birke' offers the perfect wellness treatment to start summer. Named  'Mare Balticum' it includes amongst others a peeling made of sea salt, which removes skin scales and gives a natural glow. Body packages with calming healing chalk and activating alga gel will improve your overall wellbeing. Next to that one can enjoy an anti cellulite massage, called 'pretty legs'. Here, with the help of a vacuum massage the blood and lymph circulation are stimulated, which reduces the inconvenient dents.

Getting in shape for summer in a spa hotel

Before the summer starts it is the perfect time for a detoxing session to get in shape again. The hotel 'Mühlbach Thermal Spa & Romantik Hotel' one can detox the body with the program 'detox & new energy'. Besides losing some body weight, a detox cure also stimulates the metabolism, improves the skin appearance and strengthens the immune system. While detoxing you deserve a little relaxation: Included in the program are for example a detox massage, an alkaline mineral bath as well as a detoxification package.
Also the hotel 'Göbel's Schlosshotel Prinz von Hessen' offers a complete detox program. But of course one can also easily decide to enjoy only a few arrangements. What about a honey massage for example? The anti septic characteristics of the honey have a healing and detoxifying effect on the skin. Besides that, honey gives the skin a natural glow.

Caring wellness treatments

In the hotel 'Sonnengut' one can gain the perfect summer glow. At first, you enjoy a sea salt exfoliation which is rich in content. As the skin is then especially receptive a cream massage follows, smelling like lemons and mandarins. Why enjoying the treatment you can sip on your fruit juice full of vitamins, the perfect summer day!
In the hotel ' Romantik & Wellness Hotel Achterdiek' guest can enjoy a sallow thorn & quark package. Here the skin profits double: From the moisturizing quark and from the vitamins containing sallow thorn. The skin becomes super flexible and soft.
But also the hotel 'Berghotel Astenkrone' offers refreshment on hot days, for example with a facial treatment, which gives your face everything it needs for a youthful glow.
So where is your next wellness destination this summer?

Wellness glossary

Kneipp therapy

Kneipp therapy is a concept named after the priest Sebastian Kneipp. The five pillar Kneipp philosophy contains these elements – water, herbs, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management. 

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The study of how wounds on the hands of fisherman healed without becoming infected was attributed to the Greek doctor Hippokrates. 

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a member of the lily family and for more than 6,000 years it has been known as a healing plant.

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