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Spa Breaks in Baden-Wurttemberg: Where the Black Forest Meets the Alps

Romantic spa breaks in Germany make it possible for visitors to experience stunning natural beauty with spa hotels situated right in the middle of the Black Forest in Baden-Wurttemberg and the Alps - two of continental Europe’s most treasured natural areas. Romantic spa breaks in Baden-Wurttemberg place a great emphasis on healthy living, and relaxation is often coupled with activity to provide an all-round healthy experience. Outdoor pursuits such as biking, paragliding and hiking in natural surroundings are typical - after which visitors are free to choose and plan spa treatment according to the balance between activity and relaxation they wish to experience.

Romantic Spa Breaks: Staying at the Spa Hotel

Treatment on romantic spa breaks in Germany includes full-body scented massage, movement and relaxation therapy as well as active indoor pursuits such as aqua fitness, martial arts, yoga and morning gymnastics. Spa facilities make it possible for visitors to let go in thermal springs, saunas and warm pools. Cuisine selection is also geared towards health with many traditional restaurants available in the area as well as a range of hot and cold organic buffet breakfast foods on offer at the hotel set to provide a good range of choice of healthy food. Romantic candle-lit dinners are available on the summer spa holiday, as is brunch.

Spa Breaks in Germany: Travel in the Area

Cultural and historic towns in the vicinity are well worth a visit. Famous traditional European cities Freiburg (Germany) and Strasbourg (France) are just a short drive away, as is the largest city in county Baden-Württemberg - Stuttgart, famous for its musicals and theme parks. The location of the spa hotels also makes a day-trip to Baden-Baden a possibility for a more urban experience, all as little as an hour’s drive away. With stunning vistas in idyllic southern Germany, romantic spa breaks are an enchanting holiday destination for two.

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Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf

Baden-Wurttemberg Black Forrest Baiersbronn

7  Nights , ex 1,146.00 EUR p. Pers.

BergSpa Vital

Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf

Baden-Wurttemberg Black Forrest Baiersbronn

3  Nights , ex 522.00 EUR p. Pers.