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Topics concerning Spa vacation at the German Baltic Sea and the North Sea

Schleswig-Holstein, the most northern federal State of Germany is right next to two seas: The Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Salt water, aerosol-containing air and the stimulating climate offer an ideal surrounding for cure and wellness stays. Your body can regenerate during walks on the beach and on the mudflats and you can detox during certified wellness-treatments. Thus you can load up your batteries. Just relax and enjoy recovery during your spa vacation on the Baltic Sea or the North Sea. 


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Deluxe week

Spa & Resorthotel Georgshöhe

Deluxe week
spa break: my wellness time (6 days)

Hotel Birke - Das Wellnesshotel in Kiel

spa break: my wellness time (6 days)
ex 472.00 EUR  per Person
spa break: my wellness time (6 days)

Fürst Jaromar Hotel-Resort & Spa

spa break: my wellness time (6 days)
ex 369.00 EUR  per Person
Winter special - if the days become shorter

Strandhotel Ostseeblick

Winter special - if the days become shorter
ex 318.00 EUR  per Person
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Clay therapy

This local clay treatment stimulates the blood circulation, metabolism, digestion and the lymphatic system ...

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