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Romantic Spa Hotel in the Austrian Alps

An hour's drive from Salzburg can be found the serene Salzkammergut region, boasting the rolling valleys in which over 50 years ago the popular musical film the Sound of Music was filmed. Here, historical towns framed by awe-inspiring peaks blot the landscape around Austria's biggest lake, the Attersee, on whose banks rest a panoply of resorts, towns, golf courses, and historical sites to explore.

Romantic Spa Hotels in the Austria Alps - Facilities & Suites

Hotels such as Hotel Winzer Wellness and Kuschel are typical romantic spa hotels in the Austrian Alps of the region, offering a wide selection of wellness and spa facilities, detox programmes, massage specialists, and fitness equipment. On top of this can be found a variety of packages and suites suited to romancing young couples and "best agers" alike, including their "cuddle room residence", boasting an stylish open-plan layout with a jacuzzi bathtub, and their centrepiece - a plush, pillared waterbed. After a day of watersports, mountain biking, hiking or golfing in the replenishing mountain air, honeymooning twosomes can treat themselves to hot chocolate massage, a soak in the pool, sauna or whirlpool, and a candlelit dinner with "selected delicacies".


For couples who wish to experience Austrian city living, a daytrip to Mozart's historical home town, Salzburg, can certainly be recommend. With its beautiful old-town, stunning Hohensalzburg fortress, and several other sites of historical interest, this UNESCO-endowed city is brimming with culture and architectural opulence. Those who want to experience culture on a smaller scale should take a trip to historic spa town, Bad Ischl, where emperor Franz Joseph I spent his summers over 150 years ago. Whether the visitor decides to stay on-location or stray further afield, a holiday in a romantic spa hotel in the Austrian Alps will provide many romantic memories to treasure in the years to come.

Simply beautiful

Krumers Post Hotel & Spa

Simply beautiful
ex 457.20 EUR  per Person
Mother and daughter wellness

Krumers Post Hotel & Spa

Mother and daughter wellness
ex 427.50 EUR  per Person
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