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Short Leisure Break in East Tyrol: Five Days of Sports and Relaxation

A relaxing short break in East Tyrol (German: Osttirol) promises a wide and varied programme of leisure and recreation activities. The region, which spans most of the administrative district and city of Lienz, boasts a large contingent of the High Tauern national park, making East Tyrol a first class holiday destination for those seeking breathtaking scenery and adventure on the piste. Of the six out-standing ski-regions found in East Tyrol, the Lienz Dolomites and the Defereggental valley lead. The region’s superb skiing conditions are not its only strength, however, the Lienz area being a fashionable destination for the long-standing Western European tradition of ‘wellness’ – known more commonly in English-speaking countries as spa – holidaying. Many hotels can thus be found offering wellness, relaxation, and sport programs and facilities – walking and hiking are also popular activities during the summer season, making such a holiday suitable for both sporting and health and wellness tourists alike.

Health and Wellness Holidaying in East Tyrol: Skiing, Hiking, Relaxation

Outstanding air conditions make the region of East Tyrol particularly suited to Health and Wellness holidaying, its fresh mountain air allowing both body and soul to exhale deeply. Hiking and walking excursions ‘into the wild’ are an advisable and oft recommended leisure activity by leisure activity-providers in the region. Particularly commendable is the Matrei national park in the High Tauer. On return to the hotel, the holidaymaker can unwind to an exquisite combination of spa treatments, baths, and massage. Saunas are also often at hand for the perfect post-sporting relaxation program, as are the hearty culinary specialties of the region.

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