Wellness-Trends 2016

24 February 2016


An overview of the current trends in the German wellness market

What do guests expect from a spa break and how do hoteliers respond to these needs?  Wellness-Hotels & Resorts, in cooperation with beauty24, carried out a survey to find out what German guests expect from a spa break. One hundred German partner hotels and over 2,300 people, who had an interest in spa breaks, were interviewed. The study also illustrates how the wellness hotel industry has developed and where hotel owners can improve their services to better meet guests’ needs.

The wellness industry shows continuous growth

Latest research confirms the positive trend that wellness has become an important element in the lives of many German people. The demand for wellness services are increasing, which is mainly due to more and more people consciously thinking about their wellbeing and wanting to incorporate wellness into their everyday lives.

The wellness hoteliers that were interviewed, confirm this positive trend. Half of them recorded an increasing demand for wellness services in 2015 and 64.7 per cent expect a positive development for the current year.

Time-out urgently needed

The most important reason to book a spa break is to take some time-out to relax. For more than 80 per cent of the interviewed guests, this was the main reason they treated themselves to some wellness time. However, most recognised that a short break wouldn’t immediately change their work-life balance. Most people rarely manage to take some time-out in their daily lives with more than half of those interviewed unable to find a way to slow down. A similar amount of people also found it difficult to fit any kind of leisure time into their lives. Guests expect a calm atmosphere in a wellness hotel, which contributes to the whole relaxation process (87.7 per cent). They are also interested in relaxation classes (e.g. yoga or qigong) as well as in offers that help rediscover the art of doing nothing.

Important themes and guests’ preferences

Other topics of the presentation include: what wellness hotel guests and hoteliers think about the target group-specific- positioning, what the attitude is towards adult-only hotels, whether the latest trend is favouring high-tech or natural cosmetics as well as what images people prefer on the website and what photos are currently being used by the hoteliers. 

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