Spa Weekend Getaway on the East Coast of Germany: Relaxation on white coastal beaches

A spa weekend getaway on the east coast of Germany means a lot more than beach walks, the health programmes of good hotels, or workouts in the fitness studio. They understand the popular European concept of ‘wellness’ to be a philosophy that is based upon wellbeing, fun, and a healthy body. Spa or wellness holidays therefore strive to be a combination of fitness, taking time for oneself, and relaxation – and to properly relax, many people require not only to exercise their bodies, but also their minds.

Spa Weekend Getaway at the east coast of Germany – Enticing Beaches with Wide Variety of Activity Options

Many guesthouses such as the 4-star Beach Hotel Dünenmeer on Darß are suited best for short-stay holidaymakers. They offer their guests, who often stay only for the weekend, a tailor-made programme to fit their weekend break. Included in their overnight stay is breakfast and an evening meal of a very high standard, plus free access to various health and recreation areas of the hotel – depending on the offer booked. A prestigious hotel like the Strandhotel Dünenmeer wins the holidaymaker over with seasoned class. On offer are yoga, aqua-aerobics and breathing courses to acquaint oneself with the healing properties of the salty sea air.
The Grand Hotel Binz is a 5-Star hotel in which its guests are given the option to stay in exclusive lodgings, and dine in many high quality and exquisite restaurants. The hotel, located away from the beaten tourist track on the largest German island of Rügen, offers a health and recreation area of around 900 square meters in size. Mud, seaweed and chalk packs, various styles of massage, saunas, and many other treatments and sea or forest based activities are available. This modern styled hotel is located directly on the beach, and offers the ideal refuge for a spa weekend on the east coast of Germany – with fresh sea air and endless beaches on which one can finally feel peace of body and mind.