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Bavarian Spa Holidays for Over 50s: Alpine Tranquility for Two

Easily Germany's most famous region, Bavaria has it all: majestic snow-capped mountains, deep blue lakes, fairy tale castles, stately museums, and full-service hotels equipped with luxurious spa facilities. Imagine a week spent hiking, soaking in the pool, eating fresh cheeses and surrounding yourself with a glorious alpine natural scene. Bavarian spa holidays for over 50s have it all. Immerse yourself in rural German culture while being treated by experts who know how to help their guests unwind and relax in the fresh air. Perfect for the adventure - and pleasure - seeker alike, Bavarian spa holidays cater to their guest's needs while providing a distinctly German atmosphere.

Mountain Spas and Restful Wellness - Bavarian Spa Holidays for over 50s

For those interested in hiking, the mountains around Bavaria's spas offer trails and paths that serve the casual and the veteran hiker alike. Travelers can enjoy day trips out into the countryside, where they can experience the varied flora and fauna that makes Southern Germany unique, or to one of Bavaria's many sites of cultural and historical significance. From the world-famous Neuschwanstein, inspired by King Ludwig II's love of the operas of Richard Wagner, to the neo-baroque Herrenchiemsee, the Bavarian castles are tourist hotspots open to millions of visitors each year. Munich, Bavaria's capital, offers many rich cultural opportunities, from concerts, art galleries and operas, to impressive architecture and historical sites to stumble upon. Bavarian spa holidays for over 50s offer no end to wellness and cultural entertainment.

For those who simply want to enjoy the wellness centers offered by each spa facility, there are plentiful opportunities for swimming, massage, and meditation that aim to soothe the body and nourish the soul. Bavarian spa holidays for over 50s offer a chance to relax and view the world from the comfort of a world-class hotel.

spa break: my wellness time (6 days)

Parkhotel am Soier See

spa break: my wellness time (6 days)
ex 460.00 EUR  per Person
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