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Wellness in autumn season

Autumn time. Coloured leaves on trees, a fresh breeze and the sun on your skin. This equals a perfect day. The golden season, where everything seems to be more coloured is simultaneously also the season, which tells us that winter is just around the corner.
When the temperatures are dropping, many of us tend to stay more often at home enjoying the warm and cosy atmosphere. But fall season is also the most popular season for wellness getaways.

Autumn season is grape season

So why not trying a grape beauty wellness treatment?
In the hotel 'Moselromantik-Hotel Keßler-Meyer' one believes in the power of the grapes – but of course also in the gained wine. The healing power of the grapes and the wine is incorporated in diverse ways in the hotel's treatments.  Starting from wine peelings to body massages with grape seed oil, the precious minerals and antioxidants are used in the most efficient way. 
Especially useful are the seeds of a grape, as they possess polyphenols, which frees the body from free radicals. Here, the 'Weintreaster-Lavendel-Körperpackung' is a package, which makes use of the effective seeds. Besides supporting the blood circulation the share of fruit acid the package works as a soft skin peeling.

Wellness with seasonal natural products

The hotel 'Fürst Jaromar Hotel Resort & Spa' counts on sallow thorn, as it is said to be regenerating, anti-inflammatory and healing. The sallow thorn is used in form of a cream package or as a body massage. Besides that, already drinking a glass of sallow thorn has a pleasant effect and is good for our immune system.
When the fall season arrives, it is also pumpkin time. But besides looking pretty in form of decoration, the fruit offers many important nutrients: Vitamins, magnesium and beta carotenoids are only a few examples of the beneficial effects. The hotel 'Angerhof Sport & Wellnesshotel' knows about those positive effects and uses the pumpkin in their treatments, for example in form of a cream package.

Hiking in fall season

The right combination of physical activities and relaxation offers the hotel 'Sport- und Ferienhotel Riedlberg'. Pleasant waterbed massages and nice hiking tours perfect the hotel offer 'Herbst-Wander-Wochen'.
Also the area surrounding the hotel 'Menschels Vitalresort' is perfect for long hiking tours. Numerous vineyards, forests and mountains here mark the landscape and make every walk to an impressive experience. And after being a long day out and about there is nothing better than to enjoy a foot massage back at the hotel.