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Family Spa Holidays in the South of Germany: Discover Historic Bavaria

What better way is there for a family to spend quality time together than by visiting Bavaria? Southern Germany is full of opportunities for walking, hiking, cycling, and visiting all the sites that make it world-famous. Add to that the chance to stay in a wonderful spa hotel, and the possibility of a magnificent holiday becomes a reality.

Family spa holidays in the South of Germany allow the entire family to do what makes them happy, be it swimming in the spa's spacious swimming pools or the countryside's blue lakes, cycling in the mountains, or walking through the grounds of one of the region's many renowned and elegant castles.

Discovering Historic Bavaria

Day trips are an option for families who want to spend time not only relaxing in the spa, but exploring the surrounding region. Curious about how local cheeses are made? Visit a farm and take a tour. Want to know more about King Ludwig II's fascinating and eccentric castles? Visit Neuschwanstein or Herrenheim. Family spa holidays in southern Germany allow all this and more. Adventurously inclined families can try hiking one of the many mountain trails accessible in the region. Munich, Bavaria's capital and cultural center, offers countless diversions for the entire family. Museums, concerts, and shows geared towards families abound, making a day in the big city endlessly entertaining.

In the spas themselves, the opportunities to relax and unwind are endless. Freshwater springs, golf courses, and huge swimming pools await in the spa hotels, so the family can have fun whether staying on location or choosing to spend the day off the premises. Massage helps to soothe the mind and body, while thermal swimming pools are there to play and exercise in. Family spa holidays in the south of Germany allow for exercise and relaxation for the entire family.

Allgäu time-out

Schüle's Gesundheitsresort & Spa

Allgäu time-out
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