Less is more – declutter and relax

26 January 2018
Wellness-Hotels & Resorts encourages us to simplify our lives

We’re familiar with the saying ‘less is more’. In times of being almost too efficient when it comes to planning our lives to the very last minute, this saying seems rather contradictory. “We’re so busy being efficient that we’ve forgotten to allow ourselves some much-needed leisure time”, explains Michael Altewischer, Managing Director of Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. We all seem to fill our diaries with so many things that there’s little time left to relax. In a recent survey [1], more than a third of those interviewed thought it was necessary to plan their leisure time to avoid being bored. Weighed down by daily plans and responsibilities, we’re all constantly searching for things that make us happy – but when we find them, we rarely take the time to enjoy them.

Appreciate the little things

The writer Kurt Tucholsky once said, “A packed diary doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a fulfilled life.” Many of us have forgotten what’s really important in our lives. We’re so stuck in our daily routines and constant responsibilities that we hardly get a chance to be mindful and focus on those important things. Children still have the ability to forget the world around them and focus solely on what they are doing. Unfortunately, adults find this much more difficult. How can we relax on the sofa if the washing up is still piled up in the sink or we haven’t finished ploughing through the work on our desks? Often these tasks can be postponed but we choose to make them so important that we’re unable to relax.

Focus on the relevant things

Sometimes it helps to take a step back from ourselves and take a more holistic approach to our lives. This allows us to think about what makes us happy or unhappy and helps us decide what is or isn’t relevant. Having a good clear-out is key. “We struggle to slow down and to get a clearer picture of what is important. Some of us even worry about feeling empty if we don’t fill every spare minute of our free time. We’re so caught up in life’s routines that there’s very little room for change”, explains Michael Altewischer.

Gain new perspectives in a wellness hotel

It’s much easier to escape the rat race and open up our minds once we leave our daily lives behind. Treating ourselves to a break at a wellness hotel will bring enough distance from those pressures and responsibilities to completely relax and reflect on our lives.

Get rid of the baggage and clear your mind

When we finally allow ourselves some time-out, we begin to notice just how much energy we’d been wasting on the endless tasks we’d set ourselves and just how unbalanced our lives have become. By placing so much importance on mundane chores, we’ve lost focus on what’s good in our lives. Let go of the things that aren’t essential or make us happy and make space for the good things in our lives. After all, less really is more.


The following wellness hoteliers have suitable packages on offer:

  • Enjoy some relaxation at Hotel Heinz while discovering the Westerwald region

Hotel Heinz offers beginners the opportunity to get an insight into various relaxation methods with their package Introduction to relaxation. The offer includes eight practical units, a theory lesson as well as an introduction to get you started at home. It’s ideal for those who suffer from constant stress and lack of time in their lives and would like to include some time for relaxation.


  • Pause for reflection at Hotel Diedrich, Sauerland

For many years yoga has been a popular fitness and relaxation method. At Hotel Diedrich’s yoga and meditation retreat, Pause for reflection, guests learn how to change their lifestyle to achieve more serenity and inner-calm.


  • Swap your mobile for some Alpine cheese while staying at the Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa, Allgäu.

In our super-efficient lives where we rarely have time to slot in a break, it’s hard to imagine not being constantly available. In some ways, this can be a good thing because we are able to stay connected. However, this can come at a price in that it doesn’t allow us to fully switch off. The Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa’s Silence package encourages guests to swap their mobile devices for a piece of Alpine cheese for the duration of their stay. During the summer months, the hotel offers guided walks to watch the sunrise, a variety of activities as well as options to discover spiritual places – giving positive energy to reconnect with the world.


  • Find your way to inner-calm at the Romantischer Winkel Spa & Wellness Resort, Harz

Sometimes we’re not even aware of how much we are in need of some time-out. The Romantischer Winkel Spa & Wellness Resort has developed its own wellness concept to influence its guests’ lives in a positive and sustainable way. The concept focuses on the cause of the problems and not just its symptoms. Guests can recharge and gain new energy while on a wellness break and have time to reflect in order to bring new positivity into their lives.


[1] Repräsentative Umfrage der www.apotheken-umschau.de mit der GfK Marktforschung Nürnberg, Stressfaktor Freizeit - Umfrage: Viele fühlen sich von privaten Terminen überfordert, 20.06.2016, https://www.presseportal.de/pm/52760/3357038

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