Yoga - holistically healthy

The positive effects of Yoga are based on its holistic view of the body, breathing techniques and the spirit. It is focused on calming the mind, sharpening concentration and increasing self-efficiency on a physical and emotional level. For that purpose, Yoga uses different body postures like Asanas and breathing techniques like Pranayamas. The combination of both leads to an increased awareness, relaxes the mind and reduces the feeling of stress.

Stress management with help of yoga

Yoga is a great way to reduce your stress level and wellness hotels offer the perfect opportunity to familiarize with the sport, either in a one-to-one session or in Yoga-Camps. One should pay attention to the different styles of yoga, as they have different effects.

Different Yoga styles are:

  • Ashtanaga and Vinyasa Yoga, which are physically demanding
  • Kundalini Yoga, which is good for you concentration
  • Bikram yoga, which is conducted under warm temperatures

Asanas and Pranayamas, that sounds complicated...

Well, it kind of is. Therefore, an expert is absolutely necessary when starting with the practice of yoga. As it is with every sport, it is important to start easy and not to overwork. A stay at a wellness hotel is therefore helpful for giving you useful introductions. Of course there are also offers for people who are already advanced. Here, yoga-camps, which last several days and where the training sessions are more intense, will give you enough background knowledge to practice yoga on your own at home.