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Yoga - holistically healthy

The positive effects of Yoga are based on its holistic view of the body, breathing and the spirit. It is focused on calming the mind, sharpening concentration and increasing self-efficiency on a physical and emotional level. For that purpose, Yoga uses different body postures like Asanas and breathing techniques like Pranayamas. The combination of both leads to an increased awareness, relaxes the mind and reduces the feeling of stress.


In many of the Wellness-Hotels and Resorts you will have the chance to learn more about Yoga. Either in a one-to-one session or in Yoga-Camps. These intense courses run for several days and cover the basics of Yoga; giving you enough background knowledge to exercise at home.


Yoga-Camps at a glance


• Daily Yoga one-to-one sessions

 Outdoor awareness sessions

• Learning the philosophy of Yoga

 Shared Meditation


Glossary Wellness

Hot Stone Massage

The basis of a hot stone massage is the hot stones, which are heated in water to a temperature of 60°C. Only basalt stones are used for a hot stone massage ...

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