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Topic of the year 2019: Wellness with impact

Wellness-Hotels & Resorts encourages sustainable spa breaks.

The popularity of New Year’s resolutions shows just how strong society’s desire for change is. This is also reflected in the Wellness-Trends surveys1 over the past few years. Spa breaks are taken more often in order to improve health and reduce stress. All of us start with good intentions, but it does not take too long before many of us are back to our usual routines. After all, it is challenging to establish a new lifestyle and focus on new goals in the confines of our everyday lives.

Focus on sustainability

Quick fixes with short-term results are a thing of the past. There is now a demand for sustainable spa breaks that have a noticeable impact on everyday life. The cooperation’s partner hoteliers reflect this need through new holistic concepts; giving guests an overall more sustainable result. Guests learn how to listen to their inner-selves and appreciate their needs. Additionally, they will practice relaxation techniques that can easily be implemented into their everyday lives. The way to reach these goals is as varied as each guest’s expectations. Yoga retreats, coaching or forest bathing help guests experience a relaxing break, which can be put into practice once they return home.

Be well and enjoy

Being healthy is a trend and wellness is a lifestyle concept that can lead to good health. This concept is different for everyone. “If people decide to follow a healthy lifestyle concept, we would like to offer support and encouragement. A balanced life often equals happiness, which is the foundation for long- lasting contentment”, says Michael Altewischer, managing director of Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. “Wellness hotels offer a well-founded concept to help guests find a more balanced life. Thereby, sustainability represents an essential element. Wellness creates a positive attitude that can benefit daily life in the long term.” Different to general perception, the term wellness means much more than just wellbeing and relaxation. It represents an awareness of the mind, body and soul and for actively taking responsibility for our goals in order to achieve a holistic lifestyle. The Wellness-Hotels & Resorts cooperation has become a pioneer for a variety of different concepts and puts its focus within the wellness industry. Thus, it is important to see that the journey is a destination with a focus on improving health and having a better attitude towards life.

You can experience wellness with impact in the following hotels

  • Biofeedback at the ‚Fritsch am Berg‘

At the MentalSpa Resort Fritsch am Berg wellness guests learn how to influence the subconscious body processes using the Biofeedback method.

  • Forest bathing at the ‚Ostseeblick’

Europe’s first cure and healing forest is located in Usedom. The Strandhotel Ostseeblick’s guests experience wellness and forest bathing in the heart of a forest.

  • Burn out prevention at the ‚Menschels’

The Menschels Vitalresort is an oasis for anyone looking for sustainable relaxation. It offers medical consultations, relaxation and exercise programs.

  • Coaching at the ‚Birke Hotel’

Finding your inner balance – this can mean something entirely different to everyone. Personal coaching at the Birke Hotel gives guests the opportunity to work on their own individual needs.

  • Yoga retreats at the ‚Seezeitlodge‘

Wellness guests can gain strength at inspiring yoga retreats like ‘C’est la vie’ at the Seezeitlodge. Further, they will get time to refocus on themselves.

The cooperation Wellness-Hotels & Resorts (WH-R) is the first address for wellness experiences and has been at the top of the German-speaking wellness hotel industry since 1997. Meanwhile, in addition to the first pioneers, carefully selected, mostly owner-managed German wellness hotels as well as international partners in the 4 and 5-star range belong to it. The cooperation also acts as a pioneer in the field of positioning in the wellness hotel industry and can already count top-positioned hotels, for example in the areas of Thalasso, Ayurveda or Medical and Mental Wellness, among its members. Independent TÜV experts test the hotels under the aspects of spaciousness, innovation and sustainability of the SPA area, among others. A comprehensive catalogue of wellness hotels & resorts can be ordered online at https://www.wellnesshotels-resorts.de can be ordered online at https://www.wellnesshotels-resorts.de and by phone at +49 (0)211 679 69 69.

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