Wellnesshotels at Baltic sea

Wellnesshotels at Baltic sea
Sunset at the Baltic Sea

Wellness holiday Germany´s Baltic Sea: Experience wellness and spa-breaks near the coast. A spa holiday on the Baltic Sea is relaxing. Especially in summer, the Baltic Sea coast invites to walks on the surf or to long days in the beach chair. If you dare, maybe even ventures a bath in the cool Baltic Sea. In addition, along the coast lush coastal forests, impressive Bodden landscapes and picturesque fishing villages are waiting to be discovered.

Sunrise at the beach of Usedom | Ostsee | Strandhotel Ostseeblick

Wellness and spa-break holiday Baltic Sea: Discover the region

The spa holiday on the Baltic Sea can be combined with a variety of leisure activities and offers a relaxing break from everyday life. For example, wellness guests plan excursions to the most beautiful lighthouses in the region, such as the lighthouse Darßer Ort or the lighthouse Dahmeshöved. The “Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park” impresses with its flat coasts. Whether on guided tours or on your own, the National Park offers visitors a unique natural spectacle that impresses. Or how about a trip to Flensburg? The harbor town is characterized by small streets, churches and captains houses and is very charismatic. By the way, Denmark is only a stone's throw away from Flensburg.

From everyday life to the Baltic Sea coast

In Germany, the German Baltic Sea coast of the Baltic Sea from Flensburg in Schleswig-Holstein on the border of Denmark to Ueckermünde on the Polish border. The regions along the Baltic coast offer a variety of recreational opportunities. Long sandy beaches, dunes and cliffs are the special features of nature, which characterize the German Baltic Sea coast. But also in terms of architectural structures, the regions on the Baltic coast have a lot in store: Historic lighthouses that have served the ships and boats for many years good service and in many places a brick architecture, which provides a historic atmosphere. If you are a connoisseur and value regional food, then come to visit the Baltic Sea at his own expense: deliciously prepared, freshly caught fish are available in numerous variations. The culinary requirements for a successful getaway are already given.

Among the most beautiful cities of the Baltic Sea include:

  • Flensburg
  • Kiel
  • Fehmarn
  • Timmendorfer beach
  • Lubeck
  • Travemünde
  • Warnemünde
  • Stralsund
  • Rügen
  • Usedom
 Kitesurfers on the Baltic Sea | Hotel Birke - Kiel

Short break on the Baltic Sea in Kiel

Along the coast are many traditional port cities such as Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein, which today is one of the 30 largest cities in Germany. In Kiel, the Kiel Canal, which connects the North Sea at the river mouth of the Elbe with the Baltic Sea. Located on the Kiel Fjord Kiel accommodates beautiful beach resorts such as the beach Falckenstein or beach Schilcksee. Kiel is known for the Kieler Woche, the largest sporting event for sailors worldwide, and at the same time it is the largest summer festival in northern Germany.

Wellness Hotel Baltic: Hotel Birke in Kiel

The Hotel Birke is located on the outskirts of Kiel. From here, the center of the state capital can be reached within a few minutes. The spa hotel relies on regional and freshly prepared food and thus pampers its guests in the restaurant "Fischers Fritz". The spa area of the wellness hotel uses more than 90% of regional natural products. The wellness hotel also offers four saunas, a swimming pool, a sensory shower, a Kneipp pool and a wellness garden.

From Hotel Birke wellness tourists can explore Schleswig-Holstein. Whether jogging, hiking or cycling: the region around the spa hotel impresses with impressive views and great nature.

View over Lake Bad Segeberg at Vitalia Seehotel | Schleswig Holstein - Germany

Wellness holiday in the interior of the Baltic Sea region in Bad Segeberg

But even further inland, the region has much to offer on the Baltic Sea. In Bad Segeberg you will find attractions such as the large Kalkberg, which measures 91 meters in height or the Great Segeberger Lake, which invites you to swim or sail. The Segeberger Heide, a dune landscape originating from the ice age, invites to long hikes through untouched nature. Versatile recreational opportunities make Bad Segeberg a great destination for a wellness holiday. Bad Segeberg is located right in the middle of Kiel, Hamburg and Lübeck and is therefore the ideal starting point for excursions to these cities. Even to the sea and to resorts such as the Timmendorfer beach or Travemünde it is not far with different means of transport of Bad Segeberg.

Wellness holiday at the Vitalia Seehotel in Bad Segeberg

The Vitalia Seehotel is located in Bad Segeberg directly on Segeberger See. From the rooms of the spa hotel as well as from the restaurant and the spa, guests can enjoy the view of the water. Walks on the shore and various sports facilities are just as popular with guests as activities such as trips to the larger cities in the region or to the Baltic Sea coast. Then relax in the Vitalia Spa is announced. A focus here are the beauty programs as well as classic massages and Ayurvedic treatments. Or how about a bath in the nostalgic bronze tub?

Alter Hafen in Warnemuende - Hotel Neptun - Ostseebad Rostock-Warnemuende

Wellness holiday on the Baltic Sea in Warnemünde

In the north of Germany you will find many small romantic fishing villages such as Schleswig on the Schlei, Gothmund or Altwarp, which often houses historic buildings. Those who prefer to travel to livelier regions are in good hands in holiday resorts such as the seaside resort of Warnemünde in Rostock. Here you will find both pure nature as well as entertainment and leisure activities. Warnemünde is characterized by a maritime flair and attracts with many attractions such as the Old River or the lighthouse, the landmark of the city. The annual regatta with about 2,000 sailors is the third largest in Germany. Ship- or boat trips are an alternative to sailing to see the coast from a different perspective. On many different routes and tours you can sail through the Baltic Sea and be pampered by the soothing Baltic Sea air. Pure relaxation!

Wellness holiday Baltic Sea: Hotel Neptun in Warnemünde

The first certified thalasso center in Germany has also made a name for itself internationally over the last few years. No matter if winter or summer, hotel guests in the Hotel Neptun are always bathing in the Baltic Sea, as the sea water can also be found in the pool and bathtubs of the wellness hotel. The 2400-square-meter spa area at Hotel Neptun features a massage spa, a sun terrace and a gym. Another small highlight of the house are the beach chairs, which are literally waiting to be used by guests.

Not far from the wellness hotel Neptun there are golf courses where wellness guests improve their handicap on sunny days. In the evening, guests of Hotel Neptun can enjoy a drink at the in-house beach bar "Düne 13" or in the bar on the top floor with a roof for opening. Guaranteed fantastic views.

Wellness weekend on the Baltic Sea islands

The islands of the Baltic Sea are easy to visit by boat. There are several Baltic islands in Germany - from west to east they are:

  • Fehmarn Island
  • Island Poel
  • Peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst
  • Hiddensee Island
  • Island of Unmanz
  • Rügen Island
  • Usedom Island

All islands invite you to feel good and each have a very individual charm.

Wellness on the Baltic island Fehmarn

In the far west lies Fehmarn, the third largest island in Germany, which is particularly impressive because of its different coastal landscapes. While the north coast of the island is characterized by a dune landscape, the east side of the island consists of parts of stony cliff coasts. The island offers tourists various sights such as the historic lighthouse Flügge, which is open to visitors. An exhausting climb with many steps, which is rewarded with unique views. Animal lovers can visit the NABU water bird reserve Wallnau, where you can observe birds from close up. Athletes also get their money's worth: Fehmarn is a well-known kitesurfing spot.

The view of the chalk cliffs of the island are balm for the soul

Wellness weekend on Rügen

Rügen is the largest German Baltic Sea island and is located on the coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The island is accessible from the mainland via the city of Stralsund. Already here, the first stopover can be inserted, because in Stralsund there is a large maritime museum. There are exhibitions on the oceans and there are aquariums with living things of the oceans to visit.

Rügen is known for the white chalk cliffs in the Jasmund National Park. The island is also characterized by many bays and lagoons. Due to the chalk cliffs and the large beech stock was awarded the Baltic Sea island in June 2011, the status of a World Natural Heritage. Busy cities like Binz on Rügen are well-known and popular travel destinations for travelers from all over Germany. The cityscape of Binz is characterized by many buildings in the historic spa style. A cultural highlight include the Störtebeker Festival on the Ralswiek nature stage, where the adventures of the pirate Klaus Störtebecker are presented. Those who prefer quieter regions on the island of Rügen are in good hands, for example, in Thiessow, on the southeastern tip of Rügen. Surrounded on three sides by the sea, the area around Thiessow is characterized by an idyllic landscape of sandy beaches, forests and fields.

Wellness Hotel Baltic: Grand Hotel Binz on Rügen

Short travelers will find the Grand Hotel Binz in the quietest section of the Baltic Sea resort Binz surrounded by beautiful nature. In addition to classic spa treatments, the spa hotel also offers the possibility to book Ayurveda arrangements. Ayurveda is an Indian teaching that states that body, mind and soul form an inseparable unity. Three Indian Ayurveda specialists are available at the Grand Hotel Binz, who put together individual Ayurvedic cures, specially adapted to the needs of the guests. The wellness hotel also has a great spa area: wellness guests will find a Thai Bali Spa with traditional Thai massage, herbal stamp massages, a 750 m² spa area with indoor pool and Turkish steam bath.

Beach chairs in sunshine on the beach of Strandhotel Ostseeblick, seaside resort Heringsdorf

Wellness break on Usedom

Usedom is the second largest German and easternmost island of the Baltic Sea. The largest part of the island is assigned to Germany, while the remaining part belongs to Poland. The largest city on the German side is the seaside resort Heringsdorf, which was formerly known as Nice of the East. Here there is a pier of 508 meters long and fine sandy beach. Many classic villas and hotels adorn the cityscape of the spa. Usedom is regularly considered the sunniest region in Germany and is therefore also known as the sun island. For art lovers there is an annual annual exhibition on sand art here. 4000 square meters is the exhibition area in Seebad Heringsdorf large, in which about 50 international artists annually turn more than 9000 square meters of sand into fascinating sculptures.

Wellness holiday Baltic Sea: beach hotel Baltic Sea view on Usedom

The Strandhotel Ostseeblick in Heringsdorf wins visitors hearts Thanks to its great location right on the Baltic Sea, surrounded by nature. Only a quarter of an hour from Usedom, wellness guests can relax and forget the stress of everyday life for a while. Soothing spa treatments are writ large in the hotel's own MEERness Spa. Guests are pampered with a panoramic pool, a spa sundeck and a variety of body and beauty treatments. The spa area of ??the spa hotel focuses on the healing extracts of the Baltic Sea and the natural wealth of the region: Heringsdorf brine, sea buckthorn, honey and Rügen healing chalk.

The day spa holiday can then relax with a relaxed dinner at the restaurant "Amber", which convinces with fresh, regional cuisine.

View from the pier to the Strandhotel Ostseeblick | Heringsdorf - Island Usedom

Active and relaxing: wellness weekend on the Baltic Sea

A wellness holiday on the Baltic Sea can be designed very differently. Many sports and leisure options are offered on site and invite you to try out. The long sandy beaches are a paradise for beach volleyball players or footballers. The Baltic Sea with waves and the stiff breeze is a good body of water for windsurfers. With the board under your feet, the sea is discovered in a new way. The Baltic coast offers many surf spots for beginners and advanced.

Sailing enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to live their hobby on the Baltic Sea. Sailing along the Baltic Sea is always an experience along beautiful coastal landscapes and picturesque port cities - whether alone, with professionals or as a sailing trip.

For all spa holidaymakers who prefer to explore the beautiful Baltic Sea landscape on solid ground, offer extensive biking, walking or hiking. There is plenty to discover, such as hidden coves and untouched nature. The landscape in northern Germany is flat, so inexperienced hikers or cyclists can explore the area great. Many hiking tours lead through the diverse nature of the Baltic Sea regions - from the Baltic coast through forests, heathland and moors, through dunes and fields. If you want to do a long hike along the Baltic Sea on foot, then the E9 hiking route is the right choice. 400 kilometers along the German Baltic coast in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, from Travemünde to Ahlbeck.

Active holiday on the Baltic Sea - popular sports

Wellness vacationers who are enthusiastic about sports come at the Baltic Sea so fully at their expense. Above all, water sports enjoy great popularity here. As a short overview attached again popular activities. In and around the water, for example:

  • sailing
  • diving
  • (Kite) surfing
  • Water-skiing
  • Fishing

Of course, there are many sports on the Baltic Sea that can be operated ashore. For example:

  • golf
  • tennis
  • Beach
  • volleyball
  • Climb
Couple on an evening walk at the Baltic Sea in Warnemünde | Hotel Neptun - Rostock-Warnemünde - Baltic Sea

Journey to nature on the Baltic coast

Wellness is pure nature on the Baltic Sea. A mild stimulating climate, aerosol-containing healthy air and constantly a light fresh breeze ensure that vacationers get their heads free and can breathe again. The Baltic coast is characterized by a diversity of nature. Natural beaches, hidden bays and dunes, as well as many fields and forests offer the short breaker a lot to discover. Numerous nature reserves offer many native species a protected habitat. These include the Jasmund Nature Park, the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park and the Müritz National Park. The former is a paradise for birds, especially for cranes, which are nowhere to be found in Europe in such a large number. Even when touring on the sea, the short breaker can discover again and again rare species, such as the porpoise, a small relative of the great whales of distant waters. In addition to shells, many other treasures of nature can be found on the beach - for example amber. Called the gold of the sea, it is said to have a healing effect and is part of regional wellness treatments.

Wellness with the power of the sea

There are almost 60 health resorts and resorts on the Baltic Sea today. One reason for this is that the climate on the Baltic Sea is defined as a healthy climate. It is characterized by the pure, salty air. The Baltic Sea offers many natural treasures. For this reason, Thalasso treatments are offered on the Baltic Sea, which are soothing to the body and mind. In these, the power lies in two components: in the healing salt of the sea and the algae, which are rich in essential minerals and trace elements. The goal of thalasso cures is always to strengthen one's health. The most direct form of Thalasso application is the direct sea bath. Other natural products of the sea are used in wellness treatments. Amber is awarded a healing effect. They should activate the joie de vivre and alleviate fears. Other regional natural products used in the spa are the Rügen healing chalk of Rügen or Moor. Moor packs help with the suffering of the musculoskeletal system, have a detoxifying effect and ensure a relaxation and strengthening of the immune system. In addition, herbal products such as the sea buckthorn native to the Baltic Sea find their way to the spa. A lot of things are part of wellness on a short break: relaxing in a beach chair with a view of the sea for one day, a Nordic Walking tour through pristine dunes, feasting in regional restaurants on the promenade and an extensive wellness package in the wellness hotel.

On the Baltic coast in Kiel, Bad Segeberg or Warnemünde or on Rügen or Usedom: Wellness on the Baltic Sea is above all soothing. And regardless of whether focusing on nature or culture, relaxation or activity: Here everyone will find the perfect getaway as a break from everyday life for themselves.