Wellness and spa break in Lower Saxony

Wellness and spa break in Lower Saxony
Wellness with lake view in Lower Saxony

Wellness in Lower Saxony - discover nature on the North Sea and in the Harz

A spa-break in a wellnesshotel in Lower Saxony means relaxation for all the senses. If travelers opt for a short break in Lower Saxony, Germany's second largest federal state, they will experience a variety of landscape types depending on the region - from the North Sea with the East Frisian islands such as Norderney and Juist to the unique low mountain range Harz.

East Frisian canal with windmill in Greetsiel | Lower Saxony

Fresh breeze in a spa holiday on Germany´s North Sea

Especially in short breaks in summer, many guests in the state of Lower Saxony appreciate the fresh climate on the North Sea and the original nature of the East Frisian Islands. The extensive dune landscape, beautiful beaches and the typical East Frisian coziness let vacationers slow down and promise a sustainable rest in a wellnesshotel.

Rooftop Terrace Sunset - Strandhotel Georgshöhe - Norderney - North Sea

Lower Saxony, nature, Isle Norderney

The island of Norderney is the second largest of the East Frisian Islands. The city Norderney includes as a unitary community the whole island. Here vacationers stroll through shopping streets or drink a cocktail at one of the beautiful beach bars. In their wellness holidays, guests enjoy high-quality treatments and original Thalasso therapies. At Norderney, short breaks can be reached by car. For trips across the island, however, they must observe a few rules, as the island is largely traffic-calmed.

Norderney originated around 2,000 years ago as an island in the North Sea and is surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, which has been awarded since 2009. While the western part of the island is busy, picturesque natural landscapes dominate the eastern part of the island in Lower Saxony. Here threatened living beings find a home. Since 1986, the Wadden Sea is therefore a national park and is protected in spite of numerous tourists best possible. Salt marshes, the beach and white dunes characterize the Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony, which is recommended for a holiday in a spa hotel on Norderney in Lower Saxony. In so-called mud flats, interested people not only learn a lot about the Wadden Sea, but also experience it with all their senses. Such trips over the seabed often take place barefoot. Watt walks are a special experience in any case.

Wellness enthusiasts Norderney is also known as Thalasso Island. The Thalasso concept can be experienced here almost all the time with all your senses. Cool, salt-tasting wind; wide sandy beaches, which invite to walks on the Spülsaum and small breaks in the purpose-built Thalasso platforms. From the platforms wellness holidaymakers enjoy a special view over the island landscape with its dune valleys and your seemingly endless horizon. In the north, the state of Lower Saxony shows its rough sides - with sea, coast and beach.

House View Sea View - Strandhotel Georgshöhe - Norderney - North Sea

If you are looking for a direct sea view and a wellness hotel that lives a holistic Thalasso concept, Strandhotel Georgshöhe is the right choice. The house is certified as an "Origional Thalasso Center" and allows the sea water to flow through the outdoor pools and the indoor pool. In the spa of the hotel guests will experience wellness treatments with direct natural marine products or natural cosmetics based on them. Wellness hotelier Karl-Hans Sigges creates a place for his guests where they can feel the sea around the clock. Whether as a health holiday or as a romantic break for two: switching off from everyday life is easy here.

Time out for your health: wellness vacation in the Harz

On the southern edge of Lower Saxony wellness vacationers in the Harz find idyllic places that invite to a break from everyday life. So Bad Sachsa is a clear hotel recommendation for all those who want to improve their health during their short break. The mild and stimulating climate has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, while during migration the circulation and metabolism are stimulated. Recreation seekers will find numerous practices on site that address the individual needs of a spa holiday in the state of Lower Saxony.

At the Hotel Spa & Wellness Resort Romantischer Winkel wellness tourists experience high-quality wellness offers, cordial service and a loving ambience. Recreation seekers can spend relaxing days in the spa hotel and indulge in spa treatments at the spa. Or discover the surrounding romantic villages and nature during the day and return to the spa hotel in the evening for a delicious dinner. In addition to moments of well-being and enjoyment, the long-lasting health of the guests, the wellness hoteliers Josef and Nora Oelkers as well as the whole team is close to the heart. Developed in collaboration with doctors, concepts for guests who want to work actively on their health are based on the desire for a change in their own lives or an onerous problem at the root. RoLigio is the name of the concept of life, which guests can experience holistically in the spa hotel in Lower Saxony.


Wellness weekend at the hotel in Lower Saxony - time out in the spa

Whether offshore on islands such as Norderney and Juist or in the mountainous low mountain landscape such as the Harz or the Weserbergland: short breaks in spa hotels offer ideal recreational oases from everyday life. Located in pure nature, visitors experience time during a wellness weekend and can devote themselves to individual needs. While some want to spend the day in the sauna landscape of the hotel, others love the variety of the spa. In addition to visiting the different saunas, they swim a few moves in the pool of the spa hotel, finally come to rest on the comfortable loungers, enjoy soothing aromatic baths or indulge in a facial treatment.

Hannover or Lüneburg - How about a city trip?

From historical to romantic, from bustling to quiet: As a good connection between nature and culture, guests visit interesting cities during their short break in the state of Lower Saxony, such as:

  • Hannover with the Herrenhäuser garden and its perfect garden art as well as the adventure zoo 
  • Goslar with the old patrician houses like a 16th century burlap 
  • Oldenburg with the 38 m high Lappan from the 15th century, formerly a bell tower and now a landmark 
  • Braunschweig with the Happy Rizzo House by the well-known New York artist James Rizzi 
  • Osnabrück with the baroque castle and its varied history 
  • Lüneburg with the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park, known for its heaths and numerous river courses 
  • Celle with the landmark Celle Castle and its ties to the English royal family


As exciting as such day trips are, it is so nice in the evening to turn into a cozy spa hotel. Here then relaxation on the impressions of the day is on the program. During a regenerating back massage, the day can be wonderfully reflected, while others can relax and enjoy the sunset from a comfortable sunbed with a panoramic window. No matter how the guests end the day in a spa holiday: they definitely start fresh and relaxed in a new morning.

Happy in a wellness holiday by the sea

Niedersachsen has a lot more beautiful landscapes and natural areas besides the picturesque coast and interesting cities. The natural spaces that travelers can discover during their short break include:

  • Geest, which makes up a large part of Lower Saxony's nature with its heaths, bogs, forests and meadows
  • pagans are vast landscapes that are preserved by heath-willows and are magical in late summer
  • Moore as a special habitat for threatened animal and plant species
  • Börden with their fertile soils and the many old estates.

The landscapes of Lower Saxony are characterized by their diversity. Well-known - and above all popular landscapes for a relaxing journey - are among others:

  • Emsland
  • Oldenburger Münsterland
  • Weserbergland
  • the resin

Hiking and Wellness in Lower Saxony

In the Harz National Park, short breaks discover pristine nature with rugged granite cliffs and gnarled mountain spruces, foggy bogs and murmuring streams. The Brocken towers over the landscape as the highest mountain in Germany. In this wellness region hikers or cyclists feel particularly well. The Harz is a hiking paradise thanks to the signposted hiking trails of more than 8,000 km. Whether short or long distances, narrow paths or well-developed hiking trails, challenging or easy route - in Harz you will find the right path. When hiking through nature, active visitors will often come across places of interest that are remembered for a long time: an example of this is the Upper Harz water shelf. These are narrow trenches that once served as mining water collection systems. A walking route leads wellness tourists along the old water systems and shows the complexity of the listed system. Other popular hiking trails include the Hexen-Stieg, the Liebesbankweg and the Teufelsstieg.

Another popular region for hiking is the Weserbergland. Characterized by rocky reefs, raised bogs and primeval forests, wellness holidaymakers in the Weserbergland discover nature in its most original form. The hikes lead through forests, across meadows and along magnificent buildings and romantic villages. A well-known and excellent hiking trail is, for example, the Weserbergland trail. With a length of 225 kilometers it leads through the entire region and convinces all those of the beauty of the Weserbergland, who previously knew very little about the region. The trail leads nature lovers through the pure nature between Haan. Münden and Porta Westfalica. A special natural attractions in the Weserbergland are for example the cliffs of Hohenstein, from which visitors can look over the wide Weser valley. People interested in culture in the West of the country are spoiled for choice: historic castles such as Wolfsburg, castles such as the Schloss Pyrmont and old buildings such as the Latin School in Alfeld from the 16th century give an impressive insight into the history of the Weserbergland

Cycling on Norderney beach for couples - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

Typically Lower Saxony - get to know specialties in the spa hotel

The Lower Saxon cuisine is a mixture of the large number of regional, North German cuisines. It includes mostly down to earth and sometimes hearty dishes. In addition, there are many breweries in Lower Saxony, some of which have been brewed since the Middle Ages. As varied as the landscapes in Lower Saxony, so different are the different dishes. The best impression of the regional cuisine travelers get with a delicious 4-course menu as part of their short break in the spa hotel. Local produce that is freshly prepared and served will be on the menu.

Time out at the Wellness Hotel Niedersachsen: diversity that convinces

Whether short break or wellness weekend, whether excursions in nature or spa breaks: During a break at the spa hotel in Lower Saxony travelers will get their money. They have a wide choice to pursue their own interests - and to be pampered depending on the season. After a few days in the cool winter air in the Harz mountains, there is nothing better than warming up in the sauna or enjoying an activating bath. In summer, the North Sea lures you to swim in the sea - Thalasso pure! Baths in cool seawater are still considered the purest form of Thalasso therapy. They contain numerous minerals and trace elements and stimulate the circulation.