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Angebote zu besonderen Terminen 

Hier finden Sie Angebote zu besonderen Terminen in den Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. Sie möchten über Weihnachten, in den Herbst- oder Sommerferien Wellnessurlaub machen? Sie suchen eine Idee für Wellness zum Muttertag, ein Angebot für eine romantische Auszeit zum Valentinstag oder möchten einen Brückentag für einen Kurzurlaub im Wellnesshotel nutzen? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig! 

Viel Spaß bei der Auswahl des passenden Wellnessangebots!

The power of grape seeds

The secondary plant active ingredient "OPC" is contained in grape seed extract and has great healing potential. It helps with hair and skin problems, high blood pressure, neurodermatitis, PMS, inflammations, allergies, water retention and a weak immune system.

Fresh air – better vision!

Spending only 10 hours a week in the fresh air sharpens your eyesight. Oxygen improves blood the circulation to the optic nerve and retina. Attention: Don't forget to wear sunglasses when the sun is shining!

Happy optimists

According to a US study, optimists are healthier and have a higher life expectancy. That is reason enough to free yourself from negative thoughts and look into the future with confidence.


Wellness Glossary

Steam bath – aromatherapy steam bath

Excavations have shown that the Romans already appreciated the relaxing and regenerative power of steam baths (caldarium).

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Full body massage

Full-body massages are not a particular kind of a massage but rather an umbrella term for various massages. 

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