Wellnesshotels Ruegen Island

Wellnesshotels Ruegen Island
The view of the chalk cliffs of the island are balm for the soul

Wellnesshotel Ruegen: quiet time out for the senses. Not only the island of Ruegen itself, but also a spa hotel on Rügen impresses with versatility. Thus, the island offers something suitable for every wellness vacationer: active wellness holidaymakers on Rügen discover land and water during their excursions, delicious fish dishes promise culinary enjoyment. And even those who want to be pampered once again during a spa holiday are in the right place at the Wellness Hotel on Rügen.

To get to the island of Ruegen by car, spa tourists pass the city of Stralsund. For this reason, it is also known as the "gateway to the island of Rügen". Ruegen and Stralsund are connected by two bridges. If you fancy a stopover before heading to the island, you can visit the old town with its historic building diversity here, for example. For this reason, the Stralsund Old Town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002.

Baltic Sea coast of Ruegen | Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

What does nature look like on the Ruegen Island | Baltic Sea?

Nature lovers benefit from the scenic diversity of the island of Ruegen. A wellness hotel on Ruegen offer ideal starting points for excursions into nature.

Many wellness tourists connect the island of Rügen with the world-famous chalk coast and the associated healing chalk. As a landmark of Rügen, the chalk cliffs attract many tourists every year and impress with their contrasting landscape. The so-called "Koenigsstuhl" (Kings-Chair) is the largest chalk cliff and rises 118 meters above the ground.

 Sunset over the Granitz Forest | Grand Hotel Binz - Island of Ruegen | Baltic Sea |

Also the national park "Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft" leaves a lasting impression with vacationers . Windwatt, heath, bog and forest are united in the national park. This mix gives survivors a unique habitat. Holidaymakers in a spa hotel on Rügen can watch cranes and marvel at Sanderlinge on the beach, while pelts cavort in the bay water.

Experience culture on a wellness holiday on Ruegen Island | Baltic Sea

Many wellness tourists combine their stay in a wellness hotel on Ruegen with a flying visit to the Stoertebeker Festspiele. For more than 20 years the play about the history of the pirate Klaus Stoertbekers has been performed here. Or how about a visit to the "Jagdschloss Granitz"? The castle towers over the 106-meter-high Temple Mount and offers a wonderful view over the island of Ruegen. Formerly owned by the Potbus family, the former estate now serves as a museum. Short breaks can visit the dining room, the ladies salon and the marble hall next to the reception hall.

Beach access to the Baltic Sea | Grand Hotel Binz - Rügen | Baltic Sea

A special cultural highlight is the annual Sand Sculpture Festival in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz. Every year, artist teams from different nations build sand sculptures on selected topics. The sculpture exhibition in Binz is the largest of its kind in the world and certainly inspires on a trip to the wellness hotel in Ruegen.

Wellnesshotel Ruegen: Explore the island with the whole family

Guests wishing to spend their holiday on Ruegen with their entire family will find many options at their disposal from a spa hotel on the island of Rügen. A visit to the Wood-Row-Park Ruegen delights both young and old. There are courses for different levels - from beginners to true professionals. While the spa guests walk along the trees, they also enjoy a great view of the surrounding sea.

A visit to the interactive museum "Experimenta" is also worthwhile. Children and adults here carry out exciting experiments in which they deepen their knowledge of physics. An absolute highlight for children during a wellness holiday on Ruegen is the summer and winter toboggan run in Bergen auf Ruegen. On a more than 700 meters long route roaring active through seven steep curves. Since 2005, they have been able to measure how fast they have roared down the track. This awakens the desire to set a personal best - and crack this again.

On the beach by bike - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

What does a Spa Break on Ruegen Island offer?

Active vacationers can enjoy their sports hotel on Ruegen from many sports. Whether on land or in the water, whether big or small: On the Baltic island everyone will find something for his taste. For golfers, the landscape on Ruegen is particularly suitable. The golf course at Ranzow Castle invites to a game of golf right on the Baltic Sea. Here golfers can improve their handicap while enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Ruegen can also be explored wonderfully on Schuster's cattle: The "Jasmund National Park" offers a great hiking route for nature lovers. Active vacationers can of course pursue many other sports from their wellness hotel in Ruegen, including:

  • swim
  • sailing
  • surfing
  • jogging
  • cycle

Wellnesshotel Ruegen Island: Grand Hotel Binz

The Grand Hotel Binz is located at the quiet end of the beach promenade of the seaside resort of Binz. Surrounded by green nature such as the Biosphere Reserve Granitz, the rooms at the Wellnesshotel on Ruegen invite you to relaxing breaks. The spacious Well Being & Beauty Spa area is decorated in Thai style. Here guests will find everything they need to feel comfortable. There is a swimming pool, a gym and a spa offering a variety of treatments. Guests can choose between Asian wellness treatments or classic massages for example.

At the Grand Hotel Binz there is a focus on "authentic Ayurveda". Several Ayurveda specialists, including trained doctors, are therefore responsible for the implementation of different Ayurvedic cures in the Wellness Hotel on Ruegen. The specialists are happy to put together individual treatments for wellness vacationers that are tailored to their current needs.

Wellnesshotel Ruegen: Enjoy the Baltic Sea

Sitting on a beach chair by the sea on summer days, listening to the waves, forgetting the time with your favorite book on your lap ... This is how many wellness holidaymakers feel at home in a wellness hotel on Ruegen. Or would you rather explore the island by bike from the spa hotel on Ruegen, discover the diverse nature and then walk barefoot along the beach? Timeouts in a wellness hotel on Ruegen mean variety.

Is it possible to do wellness holidays on Ruegen in winter too?

Especially in summer, the island of Rügen is a popular destination. But even in the cold season surprised Rügen Wellness Wellness. In winter, wellness tourists enjoy the cold breeze of the sea on beach walks, where nature shows itself from a completely different side. Instead of beaches filled with visitors, spa guests will now find room for themselves here; the chalk cliffs with the famous healing chalk show their mystical side. Packed in warm winter clothes wellness vacationers enjoy relaxing rest on excursions through the cool winter air. To warm up, the tourists then return to Ruegen in the spa hotel of their choice.

Richly laid table with food

Culinary delights on Ruegen Island

Many holidaymakers in a spa hotel on Ruegen want to eat on holiday on the Baltic Sea especially one thing: fish dishes. Fresh from the cutter tourists enjoy it then in restaurants that offer fish dishes in many variants. In addition to fresh fish dishes, the Ruegen cuisine offers much more. Locals appreciate the sweet and sour taste, which includes stews and roasts with plums, apples and raisins. A typical Ruegen dessert, for example, is the red grits, which taste particularly good with vanilla sauce.

Wellness weekend in a wellness hotel on Ruegen

No matter how visitors spend their stay on Ruegen: Germany´s Baltic Sea has a calming effect on guests and helps to clear the head once again. The island offers the ideal combination of leisure activities and pampering spa packages.