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Forehead shower: Ayurveda treatments in the wellness hotel

Discover Ayurveda in a wellness hotel

Many people long to be well-balanced and feel good all over again. But bad habits, whether it's diet or life rhythms, run like a red thread through everyday life. The desire for change is there, but the right approach is missing. A panchakarma treatment in a wellness hotel from the Ayurvedic healing art can be the beginning of this change. But what is Ayurveda actually?

Ayurveda: The basics

Ayurveda stands for the teaching of knowledge and is a traditional Indian healing art. After an Ayurveda cure, many people feel as if they have been reborn. Because of this positive effect on the body, some wellness hotels focus on Ayurveda. The art of healing is a holistic concept whose central elements are nutritional science, order therapy, herbal medicine and Ayurveda treatments. The aim is to bring the three life energies into balance or to keep them in balance. There are three different life energies, also called doshas in Ayurvedic teachings:

  • Vata, the movement principle
  • Pitta, the metabolic principle
  • Kapha, the structural principle

The different doshas determine the characteristics of a person and thus also their constitutional types. The strengths and weaknesses of a person can be determined and named from this. The five central elements in Ayurvedic teachings are earth, water, fire, air and ether. According to Ayurvedic teachings, everything on earth consists of these elements.

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Holistic Ayurveda cure

Holistic means a unity of body, mind and soul. A person's health depends on the balance in their body. Imbalances are caused by internal or external influences. External influences are, for example, radiation in the air as well as pollutants in the air, but also everyday stress. A Panchakarma cure therefore focuses on a healthy lifestyle and diet as well as giving up negative habits. Basically, it is about bringing the three doshas back into balance in order to reduce illness and maintain health. The aim is to stimulate the body to heal itself by balancing the doshas.

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Ayurveda: Wellness treatments

Those who do not have time for a comprehensive Ayurveda cure can recharge their batteries with various wellness treatments. With Ayurvedic oil massages, guests can not only relax holistically, but also experience further beneficial effects through the application. Because the treatment with the warm oil strengthens the skin and the tissue and reduces stress and hectic. Another popular Ayurvedic application is the traditional forehead oil bath, which can help with mental exhaustion, sleep disorders and migraines, among other things. But baths such as herbal sweat baths are also part of the repertoire of Ayurvedic cures. While the body sweats during the warm bath, the head is kept cool by damp cloths. This stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism and at the same time induces a feeling of relaxation.

Discover Ayurveda in a wellness hotel

Interested people can get to know Ayurveda best in a wellness hotel. Here, holidaymakers can learn important information about Ayurveda and get to know this lifestyle holistically. Some wellness hotels in Germany have specialised in Ayurveda and thus impart well-founded knowledge about the doctrine, the aim of which is to keep people healthy.

Our Ayurveda package deals-Tips for you

Summer drink

Mint leaves, lemon and orange slices as well as ice cubes made with fruit juice spice up your water and unsweetened tea and make them extra tasty. Also, they are a lot healthier than sugar loaded soft drinks.

The fabulous effects of cold water

Cold water does not only make you feel alive and fresh but instantly puts you in a good mood as well. After two minutes, the happy hormone endorphin has doubled. So, grit your teeth and take a cold shower!

Superhero for your hangover

After a good night out, the next morning can feel a bit rough. If you do not want to miss out on your cocktail or beer, you should chew on raw ginger before going to bed. The essential oils help breaking down the alcohol better.


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