Horse riding

Wellness time - horse riding on the beach

Horse riding and wellness

Horse riding or wellness? There is no need to make a decision at all, because horseback riding during your spa break offers the perfect combination of sport, nature experiences and relaxation. At a fast gallop you train every muscle, to discover the woods and meadows you change to a leisurely stride and afterwards a massage provides regeneration.

Horse lovers with a longing for a wellness break simply choose a hotel with riding facilities. From a wellness hotel with a riding stable, to the option of taking your own horse with you on holiday, to riding facilities near the hotel, there are many different ways of combining riding and wellness.

Active and fit - riding in the Wellness vacation - Familien- und Wellnesshotel Allgaeuer Berghof

Horse riding for the children, wellness for the parents

The Hotel Sonnenpark knows exactly how to teach children the right way to handle these noble animals. Because in the adventure land "Sunny" there is a riding hall and its own stables. In addition, a trained team is on hand to teach children from the age of three years to handle the animals properly. For parents who are enthusiastic about wellness and children who are enthusiastic about horses, this combination is perfect. And otherwise the whole family can enjoy a wellness holiday together in one of the four aqua landscapes, in the family sauna or with other play and fun activities in the Hotel Sonnenpark.

Indoor horseriding for children | Familien- & Wellnesshotel Sonnenpark - Sauerland

Riding and Wellness holiday for families

The children want a riding holiday, the parents rather need wellness? Both are possible at the family and wellness hotel Allgäuer Berghof. Attached to the hotel is a riding farm with ponies and horses that make the hearts of many riding fans beat faster. Whether it's a round of stroking, pony fun for small children or real riding lessons: in this wellness hotel everyone gets their money's worth. Both young and old animal lovers will also find various other animals from rabbits to donkeys and goats.

Horse riding during your spa break: horse rides in picturesque surroundings

The family-run Hotel Heinz is located in the Westerwald between Cologne and Frankfurt. In addition to great wellness offers, guests have the possibility to accommodate their own horse in the attractive stables. The picturesque surroundings with meadows and woods invite you to go horseback riding in new landscapes. But also guests without their own horse have the possibility to engage in equestrian sports during their holidays thanks to a nearby riding stable. You can choose between dressage, show jumping and horseback riding - for young and old. And if that's not enough, the hotel's wide range of activity programs offer a wide variety of sporting activities.

Reiterferien mit liebevollen Ponys und Pferden

Wellness hotel with horse riding: Carriage ride or riding yourself?

Great opportunities for riding are offered by the nearby riding stables around the Hotel Sonnengut in Lower Bavaria. Here, children and adults can choose from a wide range of great offers all around the noble animals - whether you want to ride yourself or take a carriage ride, whether you want to do individual lessons or a riding course, there is something for beginners and advanced riders alike. Apart from riding, the surrounding area is wonderful for hiking or cycling, but also guests who love golf have the opportunity to live out their beloved hobby during their spa break.

Hotel with riding facilities: Rides to beautiful places

The riding paths in the Bavarian Forest lead through meadows, forests and fields near the Sport-& Ferienhotel Riedlberg. The low mountain range landscape can be optimally explored from the saddle. Guided rides to the most beautiful places are offered by nearby riding stables. If you need a balancing relaxation after such a ride through nature, you can relax in the sauna area of the wellness hotel. So, into the stirrup and out into nature.

Our Horse riding-Tips for you

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Those, who wish to tone up their bodies before summer should consider dancing instead of weight training. Especially the Latin American dances such as salsa and zumba will make your love handles disappear and put you in a good mood. The ideal training for your ‘problem areas’.

Beauty from the inside

Most people know body oils that are applied onto the skin and are supposed to have a tightening effect. But did you know that oil also works from the inside? Oils such as sunflower and safflower oil that contain a lot of linoleic acid as well as the cell protecting vitamin E ensure a firm and tight skin.

Diet without renunciation

Short-term fasting is effective and, in contrast to longer fasting cures and crash diets, does not slow down the metabolism, nor does it unintentionally reduce muscle mass. The best thing about it: Within your eating window you don't have to count calories, and there is no yo-yo effect. Here you can choose between two methods, the 16:8 method and the 5:2 method.


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