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Nutritional counselling programmes in the wellness hotel

Offers for nutritional counselling in the wellness hotel make it possible to lay the foundation for a healthy diet adapted to individual needs while on holiday. The experts in the wellness hotels & resorts help you to examine your own eating habits and to work out a diet plan together. 

Discover the healing powers of the forest during a wellness holiday - Hotel Heinz

On holiday we have a lot of time and muse for this. In addition, the distance from everyday life often helps us to take a new look at our own behaviour. And last but not least, the active offers in the hotel make it easy to combine a healthy diet with exercise.

What are nutritional counselling programmes?

Offers for nutritional counselling on holiday are usually wellness arrangements that combine a stay in a wellness hotel with various services related to nutritional counselling. These often include an initial discussion, the creation of an individual nutrition plan and support in the initial implementation of the impulses for a new lifestyle. 

Woman talking to Dr. Menschel in Menschels Vitalresort, Naheland, Meddersheim, Bad Sobernheim

Active programmes complement the change in diet with physical activity.

You can find more information about nutrition counselling in the Wellness Lexicon.

Nutritional counselling services for health and well-being

Nutrition counselling services are a good way for a wide range of people to improve their health and well-being. Nutritionists can help to establish a balanced diet in general. They are often consulted by people who have special dietary requirements. 

These include people with certain medical conditions as well as athletes. Those who want to lose weight and maintain their desired weight in the long term are also often offered nutrition counselling services.

Our Nutrition-Tips for you

Enough water

According to a study issued by the Charité Berlin you should drink a big glass of water before a meal, if you are watching your figure or would like to shed a few pounds. The water ensures your feeling of fullness is reached quicker.


Eating a full veggie meal today and indulging into a nice piece of meat tomorrow: More and more people are on a semi-vegetarian diet. Flexitarians are on a mostly plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meet. A lot of times the reason for that is doing something good for your health.

Broccoli: The glasses for old age

Vitamin A strengthens our eyesight. So, if you want to keep seeing well in old age, you should eat broccoli and spinach. Vitamin A promotes cell formation and strengthens the mucous membranes. A small amount already covers the daily requirement. So, enjoy a broccoli soup in the evening to keep your eyes fit for old age.


Even more about Nutrition

Wellness Glossary

Aschner Therapy

The Aschner Therapy is a method to support excretion and detoxification processes. This procedure belongs to humoral medicine and was invented by Dr. med Bernhard Aschner (1883 - 1960).

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A fasting cure developed by Sabine Wacker in 1997, where users consciously avoid acid-forming food for a limited amount of time. Positive side effects here are a deacidification of the body and weight loss.

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