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Therapeutic fasting in a wellness hotel

Therapeutic fasting may sound a little strange in these hectic and fast-paced times. The possibility of being able to consume (almost) everything at any time in our western world often leads to the realisation: "It's too much of a good thing!" 

Therapeutic fasting frees the body from toxins. This strengthens the immune system and well-being. In addition, the metabolism is boosted and fat burning gets going again. The additional benefit: You will find inner peace, slow down and have the opportunity for leisure. Fasting reactivates the self-healing powers.

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Combining therapeutic fasting & wellness

The forerunner of therapeutic fasting is the German doctor Otto Buchinger, who recognised at the beginning of the 20th century that a healthy lifestyle prevents illness. Among other things, he relied on annual fasting. One's own will and the right attitude towards fasting are decisive. The basic prerequisite for fasting is a good mental and physical condition. It is ideal to abstain from food in an environment that is geared towards therapeutic fasting. For example, some wellness hotels or spa clinics have specialised in therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger. Here, a competent team is always available to answer any questions that may arise. In addition, care is taken to ensure that all components of fasting are carried out. These include:

  • The avoidance of everyday stress
  • Exercise
  • Mental balance
Fruit, vegetable and herbal juices offered at Menschels Vitalresort, Naheland, Meddersheim, Bad Sobernheim

Instructions: How does a therapeutic fasting cure work?

For healthy people, a Buchinger fasting cure for prevention usually lasts between five and ten days, while real therapeutic fasting covers a period of ten to 21 days. During the fasting period, guests may consume fresh fruit juices, vegetable broth, mineral water and herbal teas. However, these must not exceed a total calorie count of 300 kcal. This ensures that the body is sufficiently supplied, but still draws its energy from the fatty tissue.

What is a Buchinger therapeutic fast good for?

Preventive therapeutic fasting serves to strengthen health. By abstaining from food, the body has the opportunity to detoxify and restore itself holistically. Possible diseases are thus prevented from developing, the immune system is holistically strengthened and the intestines, the most important organ for digestion, have time to regenerate. Therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger focuses on improving and alleviating various diseases. The range extends from states of exhaustion and allergies to high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.  

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Buchinger at the Menschels Vitalresort Wellness Hotel

Guests can experience a holistic fasting programme at Menschels Vitalresort in Bad Sobernheim in Naheland, Soonwald. In the wellness hotel, time out from everyday life is combined with the resolution to do something for one's own health. Because especially giving up solid food is a little difficult at first, there is plenty to experience at Menschels Vitalresort. Walks through the large private park with its English country house atmosphere, relaxing time-outs in the spa or excursions into the surrounding areas make the time fly by. For guests who visit Menschels Vitalresort for therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger, the team of the wellness hotel has designed arrangements adapted to the duration of the fasting cure. These include a medical intake and final consultation, fasting talks and various treatments such as intestinal rinses, herbal packs and massages. With the all-round fasting package, the guest does not have to worry about anything else and can concentrate entirely on himself and his needs.

In Menschel's Vitalresort, therapeutic fasting is often combined with a Felke cure. The reason for this is that hyperacidity leads to problems with the musculoskeletal system and headaches, for example. Clay as an alkaline product can thus optimally absorb acidic products in exchange.

Therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger | Menschels Vitalresort - Bad Sobernheim - Naheland

Fasting cure at the Grand Hotel Binz on the island of Rügen

Guests can also experience holistic fasting at the Grand Hotel Binz, the wellness hotel on the island of Rügen. During a five-day stay, guests experience the "Basic Buchinger Fasting Cure", during which they do almost completely without solid food. After a relief diet on the day of arrival and an initial medical check-up, the guests completely abstain from food for several days. During this period, only sauerkraut juice, fresh fasting broth, water and herbal teas are allowed. The fasting participants are accompanied by alternative practitioner, therapist and fasting leader Anna Kalus, who is available to answer questions about nutrition and fasting. At the end of the fasting days, the guests enjoy a delicious meal on the evening before departure and a vitality breakfast the next morning. During the fasting, participants can relax in the Well Being & Beauty Spa or activate their bodies in the fitness studio, depending on their individual condition.

Fasting at the Wellness Hotel Bad Clevers Gesundheitsresort

Fasting is also a priority at Bad Clevers Gesundheitsresort. Guests can experience a seven-day fasting programme here, which is characterised by intensive medical care and an individual health programme with massages, baths and packs. The five basic rules during fasting at Bad Clever's health resort are:

  1. Eat nothing, drink only
  2. Omitting everything that is not essential to life
  3. Detaching from everyday life
  4. Listening to your own body and behaving "naturally”
  5. Promoting elimination and detoxification
Wellness-Experte Dr. Matthias Menschel Allgemeinmediziner und Naturheilverfahren

Matthias Menschel

Dr. med. Matthias Menschel, born in 1965, is a general medical practitioner and naturopathic physician. Since 2000 he has been the head physician at Menschel's Vitalresort in Bad Sobernheim. Buchinger fasting and Felke therapy are the focus of his medical activities. Further treatment focuses are:

Our Fasting-Tips for you

Laughter boosts appetite

Laughing is healthy. American scientists have discovered that a happy lifestyle in which laughter plays an important role has a positive effect on our eating habits. People with a positive attitude to life generally eat healthier and live longer.

Strengthening your immune system with Kneipp

Pouring ice cold water over your arms stimulates the circulation in our vessels and thus supports building new immune cells. Fill your sink with 12-18 degrees Celsius cold water and immerse your arms in it for about 30-40 seconds until you can feel the cold.

The power of sleep

People who are constantly tired are more likely to be obese. Not getting enough sleep makes you hungry and sluggish. It is not yet proven though, if long nights can help you lose weight as well.


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