Summer holidays

Recreation at the natural lake in the Black Forest in sunshine

Summer Wellness: Spa treatments for hot days

When the days are long, warm and sunny, most of us are drawn out into nature. Swimming holidays or hiking trips are especially popular in summer. Spa breaks are less considered as a good holiday option. But wrongly so: because there are many great spa treatments for hot days.

Sea breeze in the spa

You can benefit from the treasures of the sea not only on the beach but also in many spa areas. Algae, silt and co. are perfect for getting the body in top shape, especially now in summer. In the Auramaris SPA of the ambassador hotel & spa, for example, silt from the regional sandy beach is used to counteract tension and ensure silky soft skin. An algae peeling made of finely ground sea algae and sea salt gives the skin new elasticity and suppleness.

In the Hotel Birke, for example, the body treatment "Mare Balticum" is recommended at the beginning of summer. This includes, among other things, a peeling with sea salt, which removes the old skin cells and makes the skin shine again. This is followed by body wraps with purifying and soothing healing chalk and an activating algae gel. If you wish, you can add the anti-cellulite vacuum massage "Beautiful legs" to the whole treatment. The vacuum massage improves blood and lymph circulation, making the legs particularly smooth and supple.

Beautiful from head to toe

A very special treatment to get the body ready for summer is now available at the Lifestyle-Resort Zum Kurfürsten: BEWEI - three Star. This arrangement uses BEWEI technology, which uses radio frequency therapy. The package includes two body analyses, in which body fat is measured and muscle mass, body water, calorie requirements and BMI are analysed. This is followed by three treatments on the BEWEI couch and three lymphatic drainages. The special concept is designed to beautify the entire body as well as the facial contours and help to create a new feeling of vitality.

Summer Detox at the wellness hotel

Discover the power of the sea with Thalasso - Ambassador Hotel & Spa

In many wellness hotels, summer spa packages include various detox applications. Quite a few guests want to detoxify again during the bathing season and bring their skin to a high shine. In the Mühlbach | Thermal Spa & Romantik Hotel you can detoxify your body with the comprehensive "detox & new energy" offer. In addition, the small detox treatment is intended to boost the metabolism, clear the skin and strengthen the immune system. The various spa treatments included in the package include a detox massage, an alkaline mineral bath, a detox pack and a facial lymph drainage.

You can also opt for a complete detox arrangement at Göbel's Schlosshotel "Prinz von Hessen". Or you can simply choose individual spa treatments. For example, a salt peeling removes loose skin and thus makes the skin soft and smooth. The honey plucking massage afterwards has a healing and detoxifying effect on the skin due to the antiseptic properties of honey. In addition, the honey's ingredients nourish the skin and thus ensure freshness and firmness.

Nurturing spa treatments

In the Hotel Sonnengut you can enjoy a rich full-body mineral salt peeling for velvety soft summer skin. The skin is gently exfoliated and is then optimally receptive for the following full-body cream massage with summery lime-tangerine scent. A refreshing fruit juice with valuable vitamins is also available.

Our Summer holidays-Tips for you

Fit during summer

Jogging when it is hot often times leads to circulatory problems. If you still cannot bear the thought of skipping your rounds, you should keep in mind a few things: Do not engage in sporting activities directly after sunbathing, your body temperature is too high then. Also, try avoiding the midday sun under all circumstances and last but not least you should always wear a sun hat.

Happy skin

A plucking massage around the navel tightens the skin, improves blood circulation and stimulates the production of collagen fibers. So: Pinch your skin clockwise between thumb and index finger once a day until it reddens slightly. Use a firming oil at the same time to intensify the effect.


Short workout against varicose veins: Stand up barefoot and seesaw from heels to toes and back. Then shake your legs and repeat (for the best results repeat five times)


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