Walk on the beach before sunset - Hotel Neptun | Warnemuende

Thalasso treatments and cures on the North Sea and Baltic Sea

Thalasso is a natural healing method that was already used in the ancient Greek civilisation 2,500 years b.C., in which seawater, silt and algae are used. Baths, body wraps and massages provide a high feel-good factor. Relax to the sound of the sea and enjoy numerous wellness treatments that strengthen the immune system: This is what Thalasso offers on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. A short holiday at the North Sea or Baltic Sea is ideal for forgetting the stress of everyday life and finding peace through the sea and the healthy air. Fine salt particles in the sea air cleanse the respiratory tract and bronchial tubes. The special therapies of the Thalasso cures are carried out with ingredients from the sea. Algae packs and the regenerating effects of the salts and minerals achieve the optimal recovery and healing effect.

Discover the power of the sea with Thalasso - Ambassador Hotel & Spa

Holidays on the Baltic Sea: in Germany's first Thalasso Centre.

The 5-star Hotel Neptun in Warnemünde is home to Germany's first Thalasso Centre. Guests spend a relaxing (medical) wellness holiday here and let themselves be pampered by professional Thalasso treatments. The hotel is located directly on the Baltic Sea beach and offers an extensive fitness & activity programme. Enjoy the fantastic view with a cocktail in the Sky Lounge.

Thalasso tub bath in wellness holidays - Hotel Neptun | Ostseebad Warnemuende

Thalasso on the Baltic Sea: Island of Rügen

Guests can enjoy Thalasso on the Baltic Sea at the 5-star Grand Hotel Binz, for example. Here at the popular hotel on the island of Rügen, holidaymakers can take advantage of sports and fitness facilities as well as a 750-square-metre spa area. This is equipped with a swimming pool and allows guests to enjoy various Thalasso treatments with valuable ingredients from the Baltic Sea, among other things. In the hotel's fitness centre, holidaymakers can take part in a weekly fitness plan or attend courses such as Nordic walking and aqua fitness. The many hiking and cycling trails on the island can also be used for thalassotherapy regeneration and at the same time lead holidaymakers to the beautiful landscape on Rügen.

Beach - Strandhotel Georgshöhe - Norderney - North Sea

Thalasso holidays on the island of Norderney | North Sea

In Norderney's bathhouse, holidaymakers can pamper themselves with thalasso treatments. The healing power of the sea is used here. Located directly on the long beach and close to the centre, the Hotel Georgshöhe is the perfect setting for a (thalasso) holiday for two. Guests can relax in the spa, which includes a huge bathing and sauna area. Here, holidaymakers can enjoy themselves in the indoor seawater pool or the outdoor pool.

Our Thalasso-Tips for you

Spin the bottle!

No matter if in the office or when brushing your teeth, standing or sitting, this exercise is always a good idea: place the bottle on the floor, place your feet on the bottle with your heels first, roll to the bales and back. Then repeat 10 times. This stimulates venous flow and improves blood circulation.

Make a face for extra freshness

Admittedly this looks funny, but it works: tongue out, roll up slightly at the sides and inhale the next ten breaths through your mouth. This way, more oxygen is absorbed and the brain cells are "refreshed".

Ice Ice Baby

The days are getting hotter and you struggle to cool down at home? Simply stick a spoon through the foil on a yoghurt cup and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Once the cup is removed, you can enjoy your self-made ice cream.


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