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Time for...

In the category "Time for..." you will find the right wellness offer - no matter whether you are travelling alone, enjoying time for two or spending a wellness vacation with the whole family. 

Take some time and find the wellness hotel that is exactly tailored to your wishes and needs. If you would like to travel with your whole clique of friends, you are looking for something different than a couple who primarily long for peace and quiet. Or would you like to take your dog on a wellness vacation? This is also no problem in some hotels.

Slow food

Fast food makes you gain weight. Not only the fatty dishes but also eating too fast is unhealthy. If you eat slower and chew properly, you effectively minimize the risk of being overweight and getting affected by the sicknesses that can be caused by that. The reason for that is that you realize you are full a lot quicker.

A dog for your heart

Dog owners tend to struggle less with cardiovascular diseases, which is not at all surprising since they take their dog for a walk on daily basis. This is not only a good bonding activity for them and their pet but ensures they move regularly, which is extremely beneficial for their health. If you do not own a dog, you can still go for a nice walk. 

Every step counts

Not only exercising regularly contributes to a healthy lifestyle, moving a lot in your daily life does too. 6,000 steps daily has a lasting impact on your health and has a positive influence on it. That is quite a lot! Why not start with 3,000 steps daily and run your errands on foot?


Wellness Glossary


Healthysatisfaction with health describes self-responsibility for personal physical and mental health.

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The term massage refers to a variety of techniques used to create pressure on muscles and tissues by using either the therapist's hands or special tools like balls or rollers.

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