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Wellness package deals for bank holiday weekends

Bank holiday weekends are perfect for a spa break. With wellness treatments in the spa, activities in beautiful nature and enjoyable meals, a long weekend can be fully utilised. The short holiday thus becomes a restful break that gives new energy for everyday life. 

What are bank holiday weekends?

A  bank holiday is a national public holiday. Bank holiday weekends are weekends that are extended by a bank holiday. Thus a bank holiday weekend is a long weekend with at least three days off from work. 

If a bank holiday is celebrated on a Thursday or Tuesday, in Germany it is very popular to take the extra day off (between the bank holiday and the weekend). Thus you only have to take one day off from work but can enjoy a longer break of four days. 

Especially the days around Christmas, between Christmas and New Year, and around Easter and Whitsun are popular dates for long bank holiday weekends.

Planning a spa break on a bank holiday

Anyone planning a spa break in a wellness hotel should take a close look at bank holidays. If a public holiday is celebrated on Thursday or Tuesday, you can spend a long weekend at the wellness hotel with just taking one day off from work (provided you have the weekend off).

A Spa break is often a short holiday that is planned as a supplement to the main holiday. Long weekends are therefore the ideal opportunity for a spa break. Accordingly, the dates are often in demand. It is therefore worth booking wellness package deals on a bank holiday very early.

Wellness package deals for Bank holidays

Many wellness hotels offer special wellness packages around Bank holidays. Particularly on popular Bank holidays such as New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Easter, Labour Day on the first of May and Whitsun wellness packages are put together to match the theme.

Our Bridge days-Tips for you

Soothing bath

Already Cleopatra knew that a beauty bath has a calming effect on your (irritated) skin and nerves. Mix together 2 tablespoons of cream, 2 table spoons of honey as well as a trop of lavender- and lemon balm oil and pour it into the water.

Tai Chi Shadow Boxing

Do you want to improve your ability to concentrate? Chinese Tai Chi, called shadow boxing, contains elements of self-defense. Strikes, shocks and kicks follow one another in slow motion. This trains the body's tension.

Nicecream - the healthy ice cream treat

A refreshing ice cream in summer is wonderful. It's just stupid that it can also be found on the hips. Nicecream, also called "Nana Cream", is a low-calorie ice cream trend. Frozen fruits with almond-, soy- or coconut milk creamy mix and voila, ready is the healthy ice snack.


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Wellness Glossary


The Abhyanga massage, also known as extensive oiling in the western world, is a form of Ayurvedic massage. Abhyanga is a full body massage using oil and is applied by two massage therapists working in sync but it can also be done by one massage therapist using both hands.

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Aerobics is a dynamic fitness workout. This is usually done in a group and with music support.

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