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Shared happiness

Are you in a bad mood? Then go and make other people happy! No matter if you do so by spending money to charity, writing your grandparents a letter or carry the shopping bags for your elderly neighbor: You will quickly realize that doing something good for somebody else will make you happy as well.

Wait and see

If you take five minutes to relax every morning, you will experience the day a lot calmer. So better get up a few minutes earlier, do not get yourself stressed out and benefit from it the entire day.

Rose flowers against swollen eyes

Partied too hard and slept too little? That can leave your eyes feeling super puffy. No worries though, as your super hero rose flowers will help you out: The essential oil and tannings will make the swelling go down. Place the fresh flower on your closed eyelids. If you do not have fresh flowers at hand, you can use cotton pads and rose water instead. By the way: the plant with the appropriate name Eyebright can also help. 


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Wellness Glossary


The Abhyanga massage, also known as extensive oiling in the western world, is a form of Ayurvedic massage. Abhyanga is a full body massage using oil and is applied by two massage therapists working in sync but it can also be done by one massage therapist using both hands.

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Mindfulness is a well-known method of reducing stress. It is also known as MBSR.

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