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Time for me - Me Time

Time for me - for most of us this is not on the calendar. We plan for everything and every appointment, but we often disregard time out for us.

Video conferences - meetings - endless phone calls - we are always and everywhere at least virtually present and always available. The smartphone is our most loyal companion and has taken control of our (life) time to a large extent.

Permanent deadline pressure does not only exist at work, it is also present everywhere in our private lives. The children have to go to sports, to tutoring, to music lessons, we haven't seen our friends for ages and finally a visit to the gym or a yoga lesson on the weekend is not to be missed. After all, we need a balance to the whole deadline pressure ....

Time out just for me urgently needed

At some point, we reach a point where we urgently need a breather and a place of retreat, time just for me. What could be better for this than a wellness hotel in the middle of nature? A few days or a wellness weekend Me Time - time for leisure, regeneration and switching off.

Running track through the forest - Hotel Birke | Kiel

Time for me - what to do?

The various landscapes around the wellness hotels offer ample opportunities for hiking, cycling, mountain biking or simply going for a walk. The silence in nature helps to rearrange thoughts and take on different perspectives. What could be more relaxing than walking along the beach, breathing in the salty sea air and letting the wind blow you through? The weather almost doesn't matter when you can warm up again in the sauna of your wellness hotel or have a massage to loosen up your muscles. For mental regeneration, many wellness hotels offer relaxation courses such as yoga or Qi Gong. In summer, these are often held in the great outdoors.

Pure relaxation with herb stamps | Hotel Sonnengut | Bad Birnach

For many people, me-time also means finally reading the book that has been lying unopened on the bedside table for months. The relaxation rooms in the spa and wellness departments are the ideal retreat for this. The comfortable loungers and resting beds also invite you to simply dream and do nothing.

Time for me: cosmetics

Time for myself can also mean giving your own body a lot of attention and care. After a good facial or body treatment, you feel so much better in your own skin. Or how about letting the beauticians in the wellness hotel do your make-up and make yourself really beautiful - for no reason at all, just for myself.

If you need a little me-time, a wellness hotel is the place to be. Special wellness offers make the time an unforgettable experience for me.

Our Me Time-Tips for you

Pleasant sounds

Listening to music makes you happy. This was the result of research at the Canadian McGill University. It does not matter which music you listen to. Just like when you are enjoying good food, the happiness hormone dopamine is activated as long as you love the music you are listening to.

Happy optimists

According to a US study, optimists are healthier and have a higher life expectancy. That is reason enough to free yourself from negative thoughts and look into the future with confidence.

Diet without renunciation

Short-term fasting is effective and, in contrast to longer fasting cures and crash diets, does not slow down the metabolism, nor does it unintentionally reduce muscle mass. The best thing about it: Within your eating window you don't have to count calories, and there is no yo-yo effect. Here you can choose between two methods, the 16:8 method and the 5:2 method.


Even more about Me Time

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