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Nutrition - more than a matter of taste

A balanced diet is important - and also necessary. Because many important nutrients are absorbed through food. Everyone eats differently - from vegan to paleo, from regional to seasonal. Some like to cook fresh, others swear by ready-made pizza. 

According to a nutrition report by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germans want their food to be tasty (99%) and healthy (89%) above all. When cooking for themselves, 55% of Germans want quick and easy preparation. While the proportion of people who regularly cook at home is declining, the awareness of the value of food is increasing.

Nutrition in the Wellness Hotel - Romantik Wellnesshotel Diedrich

Which is the healthiest way to eat?

It is not possible to make a general statement about which diet is the healthiest. Numerous, very different diets can be healthy. What is important for a healthy diet is that it is balanced and provides the body with all the nutrients it needs.

The food pyramid provides an initial guide to a healthy diet. Drinks are at the base of the pyramid, followed by fruit and vegetables. You should eat the most of these foods. The higher up the pyramid the food is, the less you should eat. Here is the list from "eat a lot" to "eat little":

Green, red and yellow peppers - Rich in vitamins & healthy

Starting signal for a healthy nourishment

For all those who would like to learn more about how they can improve or possibly change their own diet, a nutritional consultation at the wellness hotel is a good idea. A nutrition expert helps to reflect on one's own eating habits and gives recommendations on nutritional concepts. Sometimes temporary fasting cures such as therapeutic fasting or alkaline fasting make sense. 

Therapeutic fasting involves abstaining from all solid food for a period of time to allow the digestive tract time to regenerate. In alkaline fasting, acidic foods are not eaten in order to balance the pH value of the body. Did you know that lowering the pH value can make you feel better?

If you want to learn how to cook healthy and delicious food, a cooking course in a wellness hotel is ideal for you. And a wellness holiday can also be the right time to lose weight. Accompanied by experts, it is easier than at home to lay the foundation for a healthy diet and exercise in everyday life.

Vegetables are versatile, healthy and simply delicious!

Finding the right nutrition concept for yourself

More and more people are paying attention to a healthy diet that is good for them in the long term. And it feels like nutrition concepts are a dime a dozen. One reason for this is that for many, nutrition reflects part of their lifestyle. From vegan to vegetarian to paleo, from annual fasting to slow food: nutrition has many facets.

Popular and at the same time particularly sustainable are, for example, dishes made from organic and seasonal ingredients from the local area - true regional cuisine. The trend of consciously eating from selected ingredients is also called slow food. As the opposite of fast food, it is about the conscious enjoyment of high-quality dishes that are traditionally anchored in the region and to which one or the other wellness hotelier can even tell an anchor story. 

Examples of how healthy nutrition can be experienced in a wellness hotel

Ayurvedic cuisine

In everyday life, there is often little time for cooking. Yet it can be a lot of fun - especially if imagination, creativity and spontaneity are allowed. For this reason, the Life Essence package at the Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa includes a four-hour cooking course with Ayurveda chef Gabriel Simon-Pinero. The dishes are individually tailored to the guests' needs. He teaches participants how to prepare simple dishes that boost energy or lift their spirits. Rounded off with individual coaching and nutritional advice, what is learned can be optimally integrated into everyday life. And maybe this course will also lead to cooking at home being more fun again?!

The advantages of a plant-based diet

Enjoy in a sustainable way

Those who prefer to indulge in culinary delights and attach great importance to regional ingredients are in good hands at the fine-dining restaurant Sandperle of the ambassador hotel & spa. With a view of the North Sea, the "Feinheimisch" cooking culture concept is the order of the day in this restaurant. At least 60 % of the food used is sourced locally by the chefs of the Sandperle restaurant, and the produce is freshly and artisanly prepared according to the rules of culinary art. Sustainable enjoyment - guaranteed.

New start: healthy meals

While conscious nutrition is becoming more and more of a trend, many people still have bad eating habits. An unhealthy diet, for example, can result in constant fatigue or a disturbed metabolism. Then it makes sense to press the "reset" button.

This is very possible in the form of detoxing and fasting. Because the reduced conscious intake of food or the temporary renunciation of solid food stimulates cleansing mechanisms in the body. The organism detoxifies and purifies, so that a permanent change of diet becomes all the easier afterwards.

Asian noodle soup

With an individual programme for a new sense of well-being

Detoxing is therefore a good turning point to get rid of old eating habits and to eat more consciously from now on. Schüle's health resort and spa offers the possibility to design a diet and reduction plan tailored to one's own person to detoxify the body. In addition, an activating exercise programme and supporting treatments are offered to intensify the positive effects of detoxing.

Get off to a good start: fasting without food

During therapeutic fasting, solid food intake is completely dispensed with for a period of time and only liquids are consumed. For this reason, the body mainly draws on depots from the fatty tissue. Since the body does not have to utilise any newly ingested food, this results in a profound purification and regeneration of the tissues. Fasting arrangements can be booked at Menschels Vitalresort. Since the fasting cures take place under medical supervision, it is possible to respond directly to the guests' questions or problems. As a rule, the results are quickly visible. While the body frees itself from ballast, it gains new energy through purification and detoxification.

Our Nutrition-Tips for you

Infused Water

Infused Water is water with a taste and is supposed to help to meet the daily fluid needs. For this purpose, you can put fruits, vegetables and various herbs together with water in a glass carafe and let it soak through for one night. The water gets an aroma kick and should encourage you to drink more.

Healthy stomach, healthy head

Headaches? Food that keeps blood glucose level steady can have a positive influence on headaches. Healthy helpers are vegetables, salads, nuts, eggs, fish and meat.

Meatless? Yes please!

A healthy alternative: Soy meat! It is perfect for goulash, stuffing and casseroles. Sear the soy meat and then season it, this way you will even convince your steak loving friends!


Even more about Nutrition

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