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Tested wellness hotel quality

Wellness-Hotels & Resorts: We set the standards

Our quality promise: We are the 1st address for wellness in the hotel. - Since 1997, we have been selecting sophisticated wellness hotels from the bulk of the masses (according to independent hotel guides). With the hotel partners gathered under the wellness tree and their select quality, we create reliability and trust, especially for our guests.

This is why we focus on verifiable quality from the very beginning.

To this end, in 1997 we defined binding criteria which all hotels must fulfil in order to receive our coveted trademark: The "Wellness Tree" guarantees, among other things, a quiet natural location, a minimum four-star level, attractive and well-kept wellness areas, trained staff, sustainable use of energy resources and a special Wellness Vital kitchen. The wellness criteria developed by us set standards in the industry, which are also used as a guideline by the two largest German hotel associations, DeHoGa and IHA: They adopted the criteria of our "Wellness Tree" back in 2004 as the benchmark for the official definition of a wellness hotel in Germany.

The following criteria are checked externally by TUV Rheinland in our hotels every 24 months at the most. The three day examination takes place as a mystery check and covers the departments Reservations, Hotel, Gastronomy and of course the Spa and Wellness department including treatments.

Trademark "Wellness Tree" Wellness-Hotels that carry it guarantee: 4 to 5-star hotels

    ▪     Attractive, well-cared for and spacious spa and wellness areas with pool, saunas, beauty treatments, sports and relaxation facilities 

    ▪    Close to nature & relaxed atmosphere

    ▪    Comfortable rooms, bathrobes and towels at your free disposal during the stay

    ▪    Balanced wellness cuisine in gourmet quality

    ▪    Extensively qualified, friendly staff in all areas of the hotel

    ▪    Cultural and leisure activities for an interesting stay

    ▪    Environmentally conscious hotel management and a high level of cleanliness & hygiene

    ▪    Contractual obligation of the hotel to continuous quality control and quality assurance

Our detailed Wellness Hotel & Resorts quality standards can be downloaded here as a PDF file and listed again here:

The wellness hotels gathered under the "wellness tree" have

  • At least 4-star level

According to German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DeHoGa) and a service quality that is customary in the upscale hotel industry.

Relax with a cup of tea by the pool - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

Close to nature

  • The wellness hotel is situated in the open countryside or
  • is located in or near a park (e.g. spa gardens) or
  • The wellness hotel has a nature/park connection within five minutes walking distance

Environmentally conscious management

The hotel has implemented an environmental management system, in particular

  • The guest receives information on how to behave in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Employees receive information and / or training on environmentally friendly behaviour
  • Use of environmentally friendly washing, cleaning and polishing agents
  • Measures to save water / energy

Waste management:

  • Waste prevention measures
  • Composting / waste separation
  • Recyclables collection system (at least in the kitchen)
  • Measures to minimise pollutants
  • Measures to conserve raw and valuable materials

Emission-free areas

  • Areas without sound (relaxation rooms / library)
  • Fragrance-free areas

Wellness-Vital kitchen as part of the offer

  • All meals include at least one dish based on a complete diet
  • All meals include at least one low-fat meal
  • At least one vegetarian dish (without meat, fish, poultry or products made from it) in the offer
  • Mostly fresh fruit and vegetables are used
  • Products from controlled organic cultivation and species-appropriate animal husbandry are used wherever possible
  • The individual nutritional needs of guests are taken into account

Wellness and spa centre with offers for movement, relaxation, regeneration, beauty and body care:

Morning yoga practice on the beach


  • Permanent hygiene implementation and control
  • Proper care and maintenance
  • Daylight / fresh air
  • Location in the house: no need to cross conference or restaurant areas to reach the house
  • Drinking water and fruit at free disposal
  • If spatially possible: offer of a Spa-Bistro
  • Changing room area (if out-of-house day guests are accepted)
  • Separate sex showers / toilets
  • Lockable clothes locker
  • Seating arrangements
  • Washbasin with hair dryer and mirror
  • Shelves for bags, towels etc.

Bathing area

  • Opening hours daily from 11.00 to 21.00
  • Overall impression: interior design, optics, acoustics, air
  • (feel-good atmosphere must be right)

Sauna world

  • infusions / ceremonies (regular or by arrangement)
  • Daily minimum opening hours (9.00 - 19.00 hours) of one sauna facility
  • Number of saunas inside - at least 2 - For your information: Different sauna types are assumed: hot / dry (e.g. Finnish sauna) or warm / slightly humid (e.g. tepidarium) or warm / very humid (e.g. steam bath), whereby a hamam is not recognised as a sauna type.
  • Minimum sauna size 8 seats. One additional sauna place for every 10 rooms.

Fitness, sports, stress management

  • Fitness area with professional fitness equipment (back and strength)
  • Daylight and fresh air in the fitness area
  • Qualified professional support is guaranteed
  • Initial instruction by qualified employees is ensured
  • Sports (e.g. personal coaching, cardio, back training, Nordic walking, outdoor activities, gymnastics)
  • Room for gymnastics
  • Experience programme: Promotion of the community experience without group pressure inside or outside the house (e.g. hikes, events, etc.)

Treatment offers

  • Offer times at least 8 hours six days a week
  • Application rooms with daylight and direct fresh air supply as far as possible
  • Application rooms of at least 10 sqm, with washbasin / shower.
  • Cosmetics (e.g. facial treatments, nail and foot care, peeling, relaxing massage)
  • Physiotherapy (e.g. lymph drainage, foot reflex massage, shiatsu, full body massage)

If available:

  • Body treatments (e.g. baths, Kneipp, Felke, moor, hamam)
  • Health Care (e.g. traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, health check)
Medical Wellness Consulting - Menschels Vitalresort | Bad Sobernheim

Advice & support

  • Services are provided exclusively by employees trained and qualified in the specialist field
  • Advance consultation and booking (scheduling) possible
  • Wellness and health tips for your home
  • Qualified information offer (e.g. Wellness-ABC)
  • Offer of an individual consultation in a separate room (e.g. wellness reception) by trained staff
  • Care service in the wellness area

Offer design

  • Additional towels + bathrobe on loan for wellness guests included in the package price
  • Use of sauna and swimming pool for wellness guests included
  • Duty to inform: Are there any offers for children and young people? (Information on this in the hotel brochures/Internet)
  • Obligation to inform about access regulations for out-of-home guests (in the hotel brochures/Internet)

Quality assurance

  • The hotel regularly undergoes external quality inspections (these are currently carried out by TUV Rheinland). Any defects discovered during the inspection are rectified by the hotelier within six months of receipt of the evaluation.