Wellnesshotel Husum

Wellnesshotel Husum
The harbour of Husum radiates peace and relaxation

Experiencing wellness in Husum: Getaway to the beautiful harbour city

Salty sea air, wind in your hair and all you see is water. That's how it is at the sea. At the German North Sea coast in the federal state Schleswig Holstein one can find the charming harbour city Husum. Surrounded by various small villages Husum with its 23.000 residents is one of the biggest cities in this region and here, wellness guests are finding just the right combination of culture, nature and ventures.

Lighthouse at the Wadden Sea | Lundenbergsand Hideaway & Spa

Experiencing wellness in Husum: The sea and the beach

Husum is located right at the North Sea, which belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage, and is influenced by the tides. At times when there is ebb, tourists can even participate mudflat- hiking tours, which are really a unique experience. Green dunes, grazing sheep, and sandy beaches are remarkable for the area. Especially nice bathing opportunities offer the beaches 'Lundenbergsand' and 'Schobüll'. Both are located really close to Husum and thanks to steps they allow an easy access to the North Sea.

Panorama on lighthouse - Lundenbergsand North Sea Hideaway and Spa - Husum - North Sea

Nature in Husum

For all those who feel really attached to nature, Husum is the place to be. Not only because of the Wadden Sea but also because of the protected landscape 'Wester-Spätinge', as this is the home of many bird species. Besides that, the area around Husum offers everything you could ask for: tidal flats, forests and beaches. 

Fit and active during spa vacations

Sports lovers have the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful nature around Husum by hiking. Here recommended routes are 'Kulturpfad' and 'Dockkoog'. For late afternoon walks the harbour of Husum is just perfect. Lots of bars, cafés and shops help you to create unforgettable vacation experiences. Various bicycle paths enable you to discover even more of the beautiful area. By the way: From Husum you can also easily explore nearby islands by boat. 

Cultural highlights

Next to an impressive landscape, Husum also has a lot of sights, which are worth a visit. The 'Nordfriesland Musuem. Nissenhaus Husum' informs visitors about the culture of the North Sea region and gives interesting background information about its nature. Next to that, the castle of Husum (by the way the only castle in Schlwesig-Holstein) is always worth a visit for getting to know more about the historical background of the northern region. The park right behind the castle is especially beautiful in spring as one then can see purple crocus everywhere.

Blühende Krokusse im Husumer Schlossgarten am Lundenbergsand Nordsee Hideaway & Spa, Wattenmeer, Husum

Pure wellness at Germany´s North Sea coast

Thalasso therapies, which rely on the constructive power of the sea, are very often used in the North Sea region. While enjoying Thalasso treatments, natural products like algae or ambers are being used. So while enjoying for example massages or baths you get pampered with native ingredients from the North Sea region. Good to know: The original Thalasso therapy is based on bathing at the sea. So a day well spent in and at the sea is already pure wellness. It doesn't really matter whether you come for wellness at the wadden-sea in summer or in winter, it is always worth a visit guaranteeing relaxation.